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Enterprise was a long time builder of marine diesel engines located in California. The company dated back to 1866. In addition to the two manufacturing facilities located near San Francisco, the company also had sales offices on the Atlantic, Gulf, and Pacific coasts and on inland waterways. Enterprise was well known for their very heavily constructed four-stroke cycle diesels that had operating speeds on the lower end of the medium speed range.

The turbocharged versions of the engines used the Buschi system of compounding impulses of exhaust gas. This arrangement, and the general design of the Enterprise engines, had considerable similarities to the ALCO M&S engines that were built in comparable sizes and also used the Buschi system. The Enterprise engines were arranged so that in marine applications the turbocharger could be mounted on either end of the engine for layout convenience.

Enterprise was a very active diesel builder throughout World War Two and made substantial improvements in their plants in the late 1940s in anticipation of an expanding diesel market. The engine series and illustrations shown here would be applicable to the company's late 1940s product line.

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Above: The Enterprise DMX series engines were heavily constructed medium speed four-stroke cycle diesels with 10-1/2 inch bore and 12 inch stroke. This series was built in a normally aspirated version with ratings up to 375 horsepower at 600 RPM, and in a turbocharged version with available ratings up to 565 horsepower at 600 RPM.


Above: The Enterprise DMG series four-stroke cycle diesels were built in both six cylinder and eight cylinder versions, all with 12 inch bore and 15 inch stroke. The normally aspirated six cylinder engine had ratings up to 615 horsepower, the eight cylinder engine was rated up to 820 horsepower, both at 600 RPM. The turbocharged versions of the engine had ratings of 925 horsepower for the six cylinder engine, and 1230 horsepower for the eight cylinder, both at 600 RPM.


Above: The Enterprise DMQ series were four stroke cycle diesels with 16 inch bore and 20 inch stroke, and were built in six cylinder and eight cylinder versions. The normally aspirated six cylinder was rated up to 875 horsepower, the normally aspirated eight cylinder at 1170 horsepower, both at 360 RPM. The turbocharged versions of the engine produced 1315 horsepower from six cylinders and 1755 horsepower from eight cylinders, both at 360 RPM.


The Enterprise manufacturing facilities were located in San Francisco and South San Francisco California.



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