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We welcome links to web sites that complement our site and would interest TES members and the whole tugboat enthusiast community. Send the URL of your favorite web site to the webmaster. It may be included on the site.

NOTE: Due to "claim conflicts" between marine operators, we no longer will accept any absolute superlatives like "the largest" or "the newest" in your company descriptions. We generally cannot verify such claims, so there is no point in our posting them.

Historic Tugboats
Click on our Historical Tugboat Information page for links to historic tugboat pages.

David Boone Marine Artist - Dave is a life long tugboater, a past president of the society and a talented marine artist.
Tugboat Specialty Stores & Bookstores
Pilothouse Charts - Society member Tupper Barrett is the proprietor of Pilothouse Charts. He tells us his website now has a separate page within it called Tug & Barge.
Tugboat Alley-The Tugboat Specialty Store - TESíers Bob and Natalie Hassold operate a tugboat specialty store in Portsmouth, NH and a virtual store on line. Both are worth a visit or even a trip to Portsmouth.
The Compass Locker - TES's Tom McCall, a Mississippi River pilot, store is dedicated to providing quality gifts and collectibles for tugboat and towboat enthusiasts and those of us in the industry
Steamship Photos - A source for photos of steamships and tugboats.

Tugboat Enthusiast Sites

BostonTowboat.com is an online collection of photos, information and musings about tugs.
U.S. Navy Harbor Tugboats - A great site to begin learning about U.S. Navy and military tugboats

Tugboat Companies
These links are like a Tugboat Field Guide for enthusiasts. They provide first hand reference information to clients and to enthusiasts wanting to learn more about tugboats and their operators.
A significant number of TES members are professionally associated with most of these companies.
Many of these companies are active supporters of the Tugboat Enthusiasts Society. We thank them for their continuing support.
We are all tugboat enthusiasts whether we earn our living on the water or just like tugboats.

Intracoastal Transportation Operates one 520 hp tug available for East Coast, NY State Canal and Great Lakes towing.
Gaelic Tugboat Company With close to 40 years in the marine transportation and towing business, Gaelic Tugboat Co., has the experience, personnel, and fleet of tugs and barges to meet every towing need and challenge.
Empire Harbor Marine Operates a fleet of tugs servicing the Port of Albany and the New York State Canal System.
McAllister Towing McAllister Towing is one of the oldest marine towing and transportation companies in the United States, operating a fleet of more than 70 tugboats and 12 barges along the entire East Coast from Portland, ME to San Juan, PR.
Moran Moran serves 13 ports, each with its own localized management, dispatch and engineering functions, with 96 tugs and 30 barges.
Hornbeck A transporter of petroleum products through their tug and tank barge segment serving the energy industry, primarily in the northeastern United States and Puerto Rico.
Penn Maritime Penn Maritime Inc. currently owns and operates 20 barges and 14 tugboats and is a major U.S. coastal transporter of heated asphalt products.
Bouchard Bouchard is a total service oil barging company.
K-Sea K-Sea is a domestic marine transportation company specializing in the transportation of petroleum products.
Crowley Maritime Crowley is a diverse worldwide marine transportation and logistics services company
Foss Foss Maritime is a Pacific Basin company with vessel operations that stretch from southern California to Alaska.
Sause Sause Bros provides a full range of services: from ocean towing, cargo handling, and ship assist, to marine construction, and repair.
Campbell Towing Campbell has been serving the utility, steel and marine industries for nearly 70 years, from Huntington, West Virginia, to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
Workhorse Maritime Logistics Workhorse Maritime Logistics operates three tugs out of Reedville,VA as well as a lift barge and a crane barge supporting welding, diving and mechanical services.
TECO Transport TECO Barge Line is TECO Transport's linkage to eastern, midwestern, and western coal supplies via America's inland waterways.
Bisso Marine The long traditions of service, dependability and integrity are deeply ingrained at Bisso Marine and are still the top priority of both the Bisso family and the Bisso Marine family.
Bisso Towing The Bisso Fleet boasts 17 modern, technologically advanced and expertly piloted tugs operating worldwide
Seabulk Seabulk Systems Inc. has been involved exclusively in the Marine Bulk Transportation industry since 1989
American Waterways Operators The American Waterways Operators is the national trade association representing the owners and operators of tugboats, towboats, and barges serving the waterborne commerce of the United States.
American Commercial Lines ACL is a family of companies committed to being a leader in the river transportation, manufacturing and port service markets.
Boat Nerd Not technically a marine company, but a great place to find information and photos relating to Great Lakes & Seaway Shipping.
Kirby Kirby Corporation, through its subsidiary Kirby Inland Marine, LP (formerly Dixie Carriers, Inc.), is a large, fast growing, and efficient transporter of bulk liquid products on the Mississippi River System and Gulf Intracoastal Waterway.
Blessey Blessey Marine Services operates a modern multi-faceted inland tank barge and towing vessel fleet in the United States.
Express Marine Express Marine, Inc. (EMI) and its predecessor and affiliated companies have been providing coastal coal barging services in the Northeast for over 100 years.
Bay Towing Bay Towing offers a complete package of transportation services to shippers, including in house pilots and a fully equipped maintenance facility located in Norfolk, Virginia.
Resolve Marine An International provider of Marine Salvage and Marine Emergency Response Services
Great Lakes Towing The Great Lakes Towing Company, headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio throughout its corporate history, is a large U.S.-flag tugboat company engaged in towing on the Great Lakes.
Tugboat Enthusiasts Us. If you want to go back to the home page, this link will take you there.
Donjon Marine Donjon Marine Co., Inc. offers the entire marine community full-service solutions to meet your every need in the field of marine salvage and related services.
Weeks Marine Weeks is one of the leading marine construction and dredging organizations in the United States
Constellation Tug Corporation Constellation Tug Corporation operates six tugs in Boston and Narragansett Bay doing coastal towing, marine construction and ship docking.
National Assoc. of Fleet Tug Sailors (NAFTS) A non-profit veteran's group made up of the men and women who have served in the tugs and salvage ships of the United States Navy, Coast Guard and Army at any time since the first military tug was commissioned in the War Between the States until the present.
Coloured Fin Ltd Established to meet the growing need for towage and other services in the shipping industry in Trinidad and Tobago in particular and the wider Caribbean in general.
Northeastern Maritime Historical Foundation The Northeastern Maritime Historical Foundation was created in the Spring of 2003 to "save" a list of commercial vessels with significant historical value to the Great Lakes, East Coast and their link, the Erie Canal.
The Shipping Information Service The Shipping Information Service is a world-wide but friendly and informal organisation, based in the U.K. It is run by a group of enthusiasts who wish to share their knowledge and interests with others. We are primarily concerned with contemporary merchant ships and shipping, and welcome friends from all over the globe.
Smith Marine SMITH MARITIME is a family of five independent companies that together provide a wide range of services for the maritime industry. Their highly skilled personnel and large inventory of modern equipment routinely respond to challenges ranging from bunkering and marine transportation to spill response.
Florida Keys Harbor Service, Inc FKHS is a marine assistance towing company in the Florida Keys and has the capability and the skill to do anything from taking gas to a jetski out of fuel, to towing in a disabled ship or a tug & barge.
Campbell Maritime, Inc Campbell Maritime specializes in ship & barge assist, escort services & the movement of project cargo in Puget Sound & the greater Seattle markets.

Reinauer Transportation

A major East Coast marine operator. Watch the rotating marine equipment picture gallery on their website!
Boston Harbor Docking Pilots The Boston Harbor Docking Pilots are a group of seven highly-experienced, master ship handlers who assist Boston Towing and Transportation in all forms of ship maneuvers.
RJ Marine Associates RJ Marine Associates was formed to provide an integral and comprehensive range of professional services to the construction and maritime industries while simultaneously protecting the fragile environment of the St Lawrence River.
Vinik Marine This company's motto is: "Vessels from the steam and bells and whistles era, working in the digital age, handled by a world class crew."
Norfolk Rebel A sail assisted tug. This one is certainly unusual.
D&L Salvage Operates a fleet of tugboats from 400 to 1000 horsepower, serving the Louisiana Gulf Coast as well as Inland Waters.
Note: Due to "claim conflicts" between marine operators, we no longer will accept any absolute superlatives like "the largest" or "the newest" in your company descriptions. We do not have the means to verify such claims, so we will not post them.



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