Abbreviations Frequently Used on our Pages

ABS - American Bureau of Shipping

AC - Alternating Current

ATF - Auxiliary Fleet Tug (US Navy Designation)

BEDT - Brooklyn East District Terminal

BFT - Boston Fuel Transportation, now Boston Towing

BHP - Brake Horsepower

CDED - Cleveland Diesel Engine Division (GM)

CFM - Cubic Feet per Minute

CSX - CSX Transportation, formerly Chessie System

DC - Direct Current

DDA, DDAD - Detroit Diesel Allison (GM)

FDL - General Electric Diesel Engine designation

FM - Fairbanks-Morse

GE - General Electric Company

GM - General Motors Corporation

GPM - Gallons Per Minute

kW - kiloWatts

LOA - Length Overall

LT - Large Tug (US Army Designation)

LWL - Length Waterline

NYCH - New York Cross Harbor Railroad

OP - Opposed Piston, generally Fairbanks Morse

PRR - Pennsylvania Railroad

RTC - RTC Shipbuilding, Camden, New Jersey (1950s)

SHP - Shaft Horsepower

TAMS - TAMS Naval Architecture, New York, NY (1950s)

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