Electro-Motive regularly displays cutaway engines at industry events including the Work Boat Show and the Railroad Supply Industry meetings. Over the years they have produced a number of cutaway versions of their Diesel engines for use at these shows. This cutaway front end of a 710 engine was built in the 1980s.


This is a closeup view of the air box area of the cutaway 567D3A engine front end that was used for many years in the EMD Training Center in La Grange, Illinois. The partial engine was mounted on a rotating turntable in the classroom floor and was powered by a motor hidden in the oil strainer box, so it could "run".

Photos above courtesy of Electro-Motive


This cutaway front end of an EMD 567B engine may have been built by a railroad from a retired engine. This engine appears to be the one that was carried around the Erie Railroad as a display on their Centennial Exhibition train in 1951. It is now on display at the New York Museum of Transportation located in Rush, New York. The ALCO Model 244 engine visible in the left background is discussed on the "Other Builders" page.


Two Photos above by Preston Cook

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