Nautical Gazette - 1875 to 1897

July 28, 1875
Side-wheel towboat SILAS O. PIERCE, of Austin’s Line, exploded her boiler on July 21 while laying off 14th Street. Two scalded crewmen have since died.

September 1875
Tug PRECHT [J. H. PRECHT] sank at her Staten Island dock on 8/27/75. She was used in harbor work by her owners, Funch, Edye & Co. [She was subsequently raised and overhauled.]

July 5, 1879
Ward, Stanton & Co., of Newburgh, are building the tug BRITANNIA to go to Bermuda. She is 105 x 21 x 10’ with a surface condensing engine, 24 x 28”. She will be launched within a few weeks.

November 1, 1879
The steam tug HERCULES has been sold through Samuel Holmes, to the pilots of the WIDGEON, NO. 10, for use as a pilot boat, and will be the first steam pilot boat ever employed at this port. We wish this crew success.

January 17, 1880
[Harbor notes start in this issue]
Howard Brothers have bought the JOHN DILLON, of Rondout.
Capt. Tremper is building [having built] a tug at Newburgh. She is to be 56’ long and called the GEO. H. SHARPE.
Van Loan & Magee, at Athens, is building a tug for Albany.

January 24, 1880
There are five tugs building at Athens.
The tug A. C. CHENEY started for Athens on Monday with the steamer BRANDT, which will be rebuilt there this winter. [she wasn’t]

January 31, 1880
The tug CHARLIE LAWRENCE, Capt. Gates, which left Philadelphia last week for Boston, is fitted out as a wrecking boat and will wreck as well as tow in that vicinity.

February 7, 1880
At present there are 302 tugboats in New York Harbor.

February 28, 1880
The large tug KNICKERBOCKER, of Bangor, owned by the Knickerbocker Ice Co., arrived Tuesday.
The steamer L. BOARDMAN arrived at Rondout Saturday with a sloop in tow. She is the first boat of the season.

March 13, 1880
The CAYUGA was the first towboat to Albany this year.

March 20, 1880
Ward, Stanton launched the new tug GEO. H. SHARPE, built for Capt. Tremper, last week. She is 70 x 16 x 8’ with an engine 15 x 15”.
The tug B. M. FRELIGH has been sold.
Capt. Dor Hitchcock is building [having built] a new boat at New Baltimore for the Albany and New Baltimore route. Her engine is from Dillon & McEntee of Rondout.

April 3, 1880
The steamer L. BOARDMAN has had her name changed to RIVER BELLE.
The SUSIE GEDNEY runs from Albany to New Baltimore and carries the mail.

April 17, 1880
The tug HARVEY W. TEMPLE has been chartered to the National Storage Co.
MOSES TAYLOR (passenger boat) arrived at Catskill Friday with a party of singers from Rondout. CARRIE WARD (passenger boat) will run between Coxsackie and Catskill. The steam yacht BESSIE will make two trips a day between Athens and Catskill. The Albany and Bath Ferry Company has bought the ABBIE for $500. The Albany ferryboat GEORGE MARKS has been sold and will run on the Connecticut River.
Mr. Joseph Cornell will run the steamers WYOMING to Keyport and the NORWALK to New Brunswick.

The tug ROBERT LOCKHART was launched at Newburgh last week for the Perth Amboy Towing Company. She is 125 x 22 x 10’. Engine 24 x 28”. Will be used on Long Island Sound.
Tug A. F. KAPPELLA, engine 12 x 12”, was sold to Captain Dyer S. Jaycox of Hoboken.
One more new tug this week: M. D. WHEELER.
The Albany towboat NIAGARA is being entirely rebuilt.
The tug E. H. COFFIN carried away her flag-staff and bent her smokestack by getting under the hawser while helping the J. E. STEVENS tow the LOUISIANA.

April 24, 1880
EDWIN LUDLOW, formerly of this port, now of Baltimore, burned on the 12th and is a total loss.
Capt. Haley’s new boat MARY BENTLEY arrived Sunday. She is 71 x 16’ and was built by Van Loan & Magee. Her engine, 16 x 16”, will be put in by Boyd and Sullivan.
The steamer DICTATOR, late of the Charleston, Savannah, and Florida Line, has been purchased by New York parties.
Devine Burtis, Jr., launched the tug E. M. MILLARD at Brooklyn on the 20th.

May 1, 1880
Tug JAMES T. EASTON got her hawser in her wheel and hauled out at Burtis’ to get it out.
The CERES lost part of her smokestack in the gale Monday while going down the Sound.
Steamer DICTATOR will go into the berry business on the North River.
Tug ALEX SUMNER has gone back to Oswego. Her sojourn here was far from being pleasant or profitable.
Captain Tremper’s new tug GEO. H. SHARPE arrived from Newburgh Sunday. She is the finest-looking boat in the harbor.
The passenger boat CARRIE WARD has gone to Philadelphia for the summer.

May 8, 1880
Tug R. S. CARTER, owned by Hewes & Sherman, caught fire last week when off Pier 8, North River. Tugs E. H. COFFIN, F. WOODRUFF, and RATTLER went to her assistance and extinguished the flames. There was $1000 worth of damage.
Captain Joe Aratta brought his tug J. E. MULFORD out on Monday.
Tug FRANK G. FOWLER has been chartered to the National Storage Company, and the SAMMIE to the Erie Railway.

May 15, 1880
Steamer MINNIE CORNELL is on the Keyport route.
Tug EDITH BEARD and C. H. McINTOSH [rig?], new boats, came out last week.
The steamboat WILLIAM H. SEWARD, which left this port for the [Civil] war, is now the barge ELSIE WILLIAMS at Jersey City.

May 22, 1880
The steamboat war on the Hudson has just been ended by the purchase of the opposition steamboat ANDREW HARDER by Homer Ramsdell, President of the Homer Ramsdell & Co., for $26,000 The purchase involves dock property, and barge and transportation business carried on for 47 years by Philip D. Lefevre at Highland.
The steamboat CHARLOTTE VANDERBILT has been bought by Philadelphia parties and will be fitted for day excursions. The WALTER BRETT has taken her place.
The steam yacht BESSIE will run between Catskill, Hudson, and Athens.
The GOLDEN GATE, a steamer of the Citizen’s Line, used as a tender to the New York boats to convey passengers and freight from Troy to Albany, took fire at Troy at 11 o’clock Saturday night and was completely destroyed. She was cut adrift to prevent the fire from spreading to other boats at the same wharf. Tug O. C. HUBBARD towed the GOLDEN GATE up to Starbuck’s Island after she had been cut adrift.
Captain M. Moran has bought the tug MARY N. HOGAN for $8,000.

June 5, 1880
Steamer ARMENIA is running the milk route in place of the WILLIAM COOK.
Capt. Haley’s new tug MARY BENTLEY, came out last Wednesday.
Tug CYCLOPS arrived Sunday from Philadelphia with General Butterfield’s new purchase, the ferry MECHANIC.

June 12, 1880
William Emmons fell overboard from the towboat WILLIAM FLETCHER and drowned Tuesday last on the North River. The GEORGE BIRKBECK helped in the search.

June 26, 1880
A fine Sandy Hook tug is nearly ready for launching at Van Loan & Magee at Athens.
The new Sound tug ROBERT LOCKHART came to town on Saturday. She is a beauty.
Tug E. M. MILLARD, built for the New York Harbor Towing Company, is sold to the New York City Police Department and is called MUNICIPAL.
Tug WILLIE is towing Briggs’ Excursion barges.
Captain William Foot has bought the JOHN MITCHELL.
Libel Suit: Owner John C. Mason of barge S. STACKPOLE vs. owners of steamtug WILLIAM MURTAGH, for loss of the barge while in tow from Port Johnson to New York last November.

July 3, 1880
Ward Stanton, of Newburgh, has on hand freight propeller ALICIA A. WASHBURN for G. W. Washburn. She measures 110 x 30 x 9.6 feet.
Tug HOPE had a close call with the passenger steamer LONG BRANCH.
Tug JOHN J. HAMETT is being rebuilt.
Ward, Stanton & Co., at Newburgh, is building a fine harbor tug L. LUCKENBACH. She measures 96 x 21 x 9’ with an engine 22 x 24”
Steamer TRAVELLER has been bought for a Hudson River route.

July 10, 1880
The Morrisania Steamboat Company, owners of passenger steamers HARLEM, MORRISANIA, and SHADY SIDE, has quit.

July 17, 1880
Van Loan & Magee, of Athens, have almost completed Peter Kiernan’s tugboat. Her engine is by Cames & Co., of Jersey City. When finished she will be one of the most powerful sea towing tugs on this side o’ the water.
The latest arrival is the tug H. W. HILLS from the Connecticut River.
The tug CARRIE looks very queer with an open rail.
The Albany Day Line now uses the steamers DREW and ARMENIA as spare boats.

July 24, 1880
The Hudson River and Cheney Towing Companies have united.
SETH LOW returned from Jacksonville on Wednesday.
Steamer CITY OF STOCKTON and tug SAUNDERS collided off Pier 1, North River.
Towboat CONNECTICUT swung a tow of 55 canal boats and 5 tugs around the Battery on Monday.
HERCULES originally was a Philadelphia tug.

July 31, 1880
Tug JOHN H. HAMMETT is repairing and TICE is towing to Yonkers in her place.
Very large tows are coming down from Albany.
Ad for “River & Harbor towing – by tug HARVEY W. TEMPLE and others. T. Lawson, New York City.”

August 7, 1880
Steamers MONITOR and WILLIAM COOK bring milk down the Hudson River.
Tug CLIFTON sank at Governeur Street last week.
Tug TITAN ran on College Point Reef on Sunday night.
Odd Names for tugboats: ANT, BOY, GORILLA, VIM, and etc.
Steamers ARMENIA, DANIEL DREW, and DEAN RICHMOND are laid up near Rondout..
The Red Star Line tug JUNO arrived from Philadelphia Saturday.
The towboat RATTLER is the only side-wheeler left of the “Porgie” fleet..
The old tug CHAMPION looks very well now.
Tugs REBA and REINDEER frequently work for the Dock Department.
From hot to cold: Those famous old double-end gunboats are now ice barges in the Knickerbocker Company.

August 14, 1880
Libel Suit: William C. Long and Thomas H. Farrell, owners of tug JOE vs. steamer TAMPICO.
Tug TITAN escaped from College Point Reef uninjured.
Tug JOHN J. HAMMETT has finished repairs and is towing to Yonkers.
Tugs BALTIC and FRANK G. FOWLER are towing mud for the D. D. – dirt dumpers. [Dock Department]
Jones & Whitmill, along the Morris Canal, are overhauling the tugs KATY SMITH and WILLIAM PARKS.
Excursion barge REPUBLIC, in tow of R. W. BURKE, parted her hawsers and went on Flood Rock on Wednesday, August 11th.

August 21, 1880
Steamer CITY OF CATSKILL, built by Van Loan & Magee for New York, Catskill, and Athens Steamboat Company, measures 265 x 63 x 10’9”. Her engine is 56” x 12’ by Fletcher, Harrison & Co.
Baxter’s wrecking tug JOHN FULLER has been thoroughly overhauled.
The side-wheel tug RATTLER ran aground on Green’s Flats, Echo Harbor [New Rochelle?] on sunday, and stove a hole in her bottom and sank. She has been raised and towed to Staunton Street by JOHN FULLER.
The SETH LOW has been up he Hudson a few days.

August 28, 1880
Side-wheel tug RATTLER is rattling around again, ready for her fourth sink.
Tug BALTIC smashed her pilot-house under Newtown Creek Bridge.
Tug CHARLES B. SANFORD is towing on Long Island Sound.
Tug THOMAS WALSH is overhauling and getting a new boiler.
The McMAHON is towing about the harbor for Starin.
Tug G. W. GEER collided.
Tug EGBERT MYERS is towing New Haven carfloats.

September 11, 1880
Tug GENERAL SHERIDAN has been repairing at Rondout.

September 18, 1880
Tug GENERAL SHERIDAN has been repaired at Rondout and returned here.
Tug WHITE FAWN’s steamcock exploded at Amboy on Wednesday [9/15], scalding the entire crew.
Tug EDITH BEARD was run down and sunk in the Bay by steamer unknown.
SETH LOW towed the steamer AMBASSADRESS down the Hudson Saturday.
Tug HARRY had her stern badly smashed the other day.
Tug ESSEX is towing about the harbor for Starin.

September 25, 1880
Tug EDITH BEARD was raised by Baxter on Monday.

October 2, 1880
Van Loan & Magee will build a tug [EXCELSIOR] for the Howland Brothers.

October 9, 1880
The WALTER BRETT is laid up in Catskill Creek.
Cornell’s tug E. H. MEAD has been throughly overhauled.
Tug SPRAGUE burned at Hoboken on Friday last.
New tug TRANSFER NO. 3 arrived here.

October 16, 1880
Schuyler’s towboat CORNELIUS VANDERBILT broke down last week. It will probably cost $10,000 to repair her engine. The BORDENTOWN has been chartered in her place.
Tug ROBERT T. BANKS has been bought by Schuyler.
RATTLER, libelled for crew’s wages, is laid up.
Steamer MONITOR has resumed her milk trips to Peekskill.

October 30, 1880
JAMES A. STEVENS is sold, and left for Jacksonville on Monday.
A. C. CHENEY is towing from Sandy Hook.
RATTLER was sold at Marshal’s sale on Wednesday.
The 70-year old NEW YORK is at Stanton Street to be made into a barge.
The fine new tug KNICKERBOCKER arrived here this week.
Towboat CAYUGA of Schuyler’s Towing Line is to get new boilers.

November 6, 1880
RATTLER was bought by Hoboken Coal Co. at Marshal’s sale for $1200.
The last new tug to arrive is the WILLIAM WEBB.
New tug L. LUCKENBACH, built by Ward, Stanton & Co., at Newburgh, is now at work in the harbor.

November 13, 1880
Tug JOHN DILLON has been sunk in Hell Gate.
The little tug DR. J. P. WHITBECK has been entirely rebuilt.
Tug EUTAW, from Philadelphia, got her nose knocked off in the East River.
The new tug ABRAM P. SKIDMORE guards the docks with the rest of them.
Tug NELLIE broke down off the Battery on Sunday.

November 20, 1880
The old steamer MONITOR, laden with milk, went ashore north of Glenwood Station on Sunday morning [11/14]. She will probably be a total loss.
The new tug ELLA arrived from Baltimore last week.
Tug ARCTIC has been entirely rebuilt.
Tug CITY OF CHESTER is towing Erie Railroad barges.
Towboat P. C. SCHULTZ is laid up at West 20th Street.
Steamer CHARLOTTE VANDERBILT is lying in Catskill Creek. She will be dismantled and converted into a barge.

November 27, 1880
Steamer MONITOR came off at high tide Wednesday night and was taken by Baxter to a drydock for repairs.
Steamer THOMAS POWELL is for sale at Rondout.
New tug LEONARD RICHARDS was on trials Thursday.
New tug E. M. MILLARD [the second] went on a trial trip on Wednesday.
SETH LOW is lying idle at City Island.

December 4, 1880
Howland Brothers’ new tug EXCELSIOR and steamer MONITOR are frozen in on drydocks at Van Loan & Magee’s at Athens.
Joseph Cornell’s new passenger boat, launched at Athens on Wednesday last, was towed to New York to receive WYOMING’s engine.
The fine eastern tug KNICKERBOCKER was here on Tuesday.
Starin’s tug VANDERBILT had her pilot house raised to see over carfloats.
Reported --- tug HERCULES was sold to go to the Straits of Magellan.
DARRAGH and MARY J. FINN are towing mud for the Dock Department.
The Citizen’s Steamboat Co. has ordered a new boat to replace the tender GOLDEN GATE at Athens in time for the next season. 135 x 26 x 8.5’, engine to be 32” x 7’. She will tender for SARATOGA and CITY OF TROY. She is to cost about $25,000.

December 11, 1880
Schuyler’s towboat AMERICA..

December 18, 1880
Tug W. E. CHENEY..
The MAGENTA is towing to and fro Newark.
The latest arrival is the little tug O. V. COFFIN.
Tug ATLANTIC picked up two scows at sea.
Tug CYCLOPS arrived from Norfolk on Tuesday.

January 1, 1881
Tug A. C. CHENEY measures 130 x 27 x 10’, engine 32 x 42”, with 12 days supply of coal.
Steamer MONITOR was sold at Marshal’s sale for $3,000.
New tug GERMANIA, built at Newburgh, is a beauty.
Tug INDIAN was fined $500 for carrying passengers to New Haven without a license.
HENRY R. HEATH is a new tug with EDWIN FORREST’s engine.
The latest little new tug is H. H. NEWKIRK at Hoboken.

January 15, 1881
Tug A. C. CHENEY and big ice tug CAMELIA are towing about the harbor for Starin.

January 22, 1881
Tug TERROR is at work in the harbor for Starin.

January 29, 1881
Schuyler’s towboat AMERICA has been rebuilt by Burtis.

March 5, 1881
Towboat P. C. SCHULTZ and other Cheney tugs have green waists for a trade mark.

March 12, 1881
Cornell is building a fine tug at Philadelphia for North River work. [W. E. STREET]

March 19, 1881
Steamship SEA GULL, which has been plying between Baltimore and Charleston on the Merchant’s Line, has been sold to the Cheney Towing Company of New York, who will cut down the vessel and change her into a large tug for work on the Long Island Sound. SEA GULL is 648 tons register and was built at Mystic in 1862. The Merchant’s Line also included in the sale the steamship FALCON which was sunk in a collision about ten years ago, subsequently raised, but hull and machinery are still in good condition.

March 26, 1881
The A. C. CHENEY reached Coxsackie on the 17th with nine ice barges.
Capt. Barber of the NORWICH has bought the tug GEO. H. SHARPE.
Tug QUAKER CITY is out again, as fit as a fiddle.
The Bangor tug KNICKERBOCKER is towing from the Hook.

April 2, 1881
The Cheney tug ADRIATIC has overhauled here and gone up the river.
Schuyler’s tenders, the G. C. ADAMS, JAMES T. EASTON, and QUAKER CITY are all busy. Burtis is building a new tug [PONTIAC] for this company.

April 16, 1881
Cheney’s tug TERROR has been extensively repaired. Cheney will send out two tows a day up the Hudson this summer.

May 7, 1881
The little Albany tug ED R. VAN BUREN is at work for the Dock Department.

May 14, 1881
The A. C. CHENEY has been polished up and got the yellow band aloft.

May 21, 1881
Burtis is rebuilding the towboat OSWEGO at Red Hook.
The big Cheney tugs PROMETHEUS and SAXON are laid up at West 20th Street. They were formerly steamships and were razed.

June 4, 1881
Tug CYCLOPS has been chartered by the Dock Department.
Towboat A. B. VALENTINE, with a tow, ran ashore at Stuyvesant on Monday [5/30].

June 18, 1881
Tug W. E. CHENEY, of Barrett’s Line, is laid up for repairs.

July 9, 1881
Former pilot-boat HERCULES is laid up at the Anchor Line dock.

July 16, 1881
Wrecking tug JOHN FULLER is being rebuilt and raised.
The old ice-king NORWICH is being rebuilt by Burtis.

July 23, 1881
The old steamer SEA GULL makes a funny-looking tug.

July 30, 1881
HERCULES is chartered for two months by A. C. Cheney.
Schuyler tug G. C. ADAMS is getting a new boiler and engine at Red Hook.
SAMMIE is painted dark green like the other Erie tugs.
Schuyler’s new tug [PONTIAC] will soon be launched complete.

August 6, 1881
The once-famous steamer ALIDA is lying sunk at Port Ewen. The steamers FRANK CARTER, HERALD, MOUNT WASHINGTON, and WILLIAM COOK are also there.

August 27, 1881
Towboat GEORGE WASHINGTON broke her shaft off Rondout last week.

September 10, 1881
Schuyler’s new tug [PONTIAC] has gone to her field of operations, Albany.

October 1, 1881
Thomas Cornell is having a fine tug [W. E. STREET] built on the Delaware.
The tug SAMMIE is no longer in the service of the Erie Railroad.

October 15, 1881
The old New Brunswick towboats are now laid up at Rondout.

October 29, 1881
The new tug for Cornell [W. E. STREET] building at Neafie & Levy’s, will be ready in a few weeks.

November 12, 1881
Cornell’s new tug W. E. STREET went on a trial trip Saturday.
The Schuyler towboat BELLE broke down off Port Ewen and was taken to Rondout for repairs.
The old towboat MOUNT WASHINGTON has had her engine and boiler removed.

November 19, 1881
The NEW BRUNSWICK has gone to Athens to be overhaukled and strengthened.
The W. E. STREET is at work towing coal from Newburgh.

November 26, 1881
Tug HERCULES, formerly pilot boat No. 10, is towing on the Sound.

December 3, 1881
Towboats MOUNT WASHINGTON and METAMORA have arrived from Troy.
A new addition to the Cheney Towing Line is the tug AMBITION.

December 10, 1881
Paddle-wheel towboat GEORGE A. HOYT and a 15 barge tow went ashore near Cornwall.
Towboat GENERAL McDONALD with 30 barges, went ashore at Polipel’s Island.

December 31, 1881
Tug GENERAL SHERIDAN sank at Jay Street last week and was raised by Chapman’s scow.

January 28, 1882
Tug H. P. FARRINGTON blew up at Haverstraw on Monday [the 23rd]. Three of her crew were killed and the remainder injured.

February 25, 1882
Tugs A. C. CHENEY and AMBITION were at Newburgh with ice barges on Tuesday.

March 18, 1882
Towboats CAYUGA and NORWICH took tows to Albany last week.

April 8, 1882
The steamer EMELINE will run in place of the RIVER BELLE, formerly L. BOARDMAN, on the Newburgh and Nyack route during the coming summer.

April 15, 1882
Ocean tug CYCLOPS is overhauling in New York.
Steamer THOMAS CORNELL, when floated, will be altered into a towboat.
Tug ROBERT LOCKHART, 125’, beat steamer CITY OF TROY in a run from New York to Newburgh, in 4 hours, 5 minutes. LOCKHART was built by Ward Stanton & Co, at Newburgh, for Perth Amboy Towing Line, Isaac L. Fisher, superintendent.

April 22, 1882
The old RIP VAN WINKLE has been transformed into a towboat. [?]
Tug W. E. CHAPMAN, owned by W. E. Chapman, took fire yesterday morning while coming down the East River and was patially destroyed. She was working for the “N. Y. C. & Northern RR.” Tugs DAYLIGHT, F. W. DEVOE, and WILLIAM F. BURDEN aided in putting the fire out. She was valued at $19,000.
Tug ITALIAN has been sold and left for Washington, NC. Tug D. S. STETSON, lately rebuilt, has also gone to Washington, NC, to tow mud.
Tug D. A. HOVEY was seized by U. S. Marshals for sinking a coalboat.
Tug LEVI DAVIS has been libelled for salvage by tug LEONARD RICHARDS.

April 29, 1882
The steam pilot-boat HERCULES has been purchased by George W. Washburn of this city.
Tug JOHN C. GIBBS, recently sunk near Shooters island, is running again.
New tug WICACO made her appearance here last week.
Tug JAMES A. GARFIELD was sold at public auction for $9,000.
Old tug ZOUAVE is being rebuilt at Jersey City, and will be renamed HOGENCAMP. [She wasn’t renamed]
Fine little tug CLARA has lately been put into good condition.

May 6, 1882
Tug COMMODORE DURYEA has been rebuilt and is now a handsome boat.
Steamer THOMAS SCHUYLER was put on as a freight and towboat to Rahway.
Tug WILLIAM PARKS is advertised for sale by Capt. Bloodgood.

May 13, 1882
Tug WHITE FAWN has been sold and left for Boston.
GERMANIA is towing mud to sea (?) for the Dock Department.

May 20, 1882
Sound tug SARAH J. WEED has been overhauled and her spars taken out.
New tug WILLIAM SMITH was launched at New Baltimore last week.
Tug LACKAWANNA, formerly wrecker, has left the Erie service and is laid up in Erie Basin.

May 27, 1882
HAZEL KIRKE arrived from Athens last Sunday, where Van Loan & Magee made extensive improvements on her.
The old Revenue Cutter GUTHRIE was recently sold at Baltimore to New York Dredging Co. for towing purposes and will be called JOSEPH MORRIS.
Pennsylvania Railroad tug LARKSPUR was sold to G. H. Dentz for Sound towing.

June 3, 1882
JOHN BIRKBECK has been added to the Castle Garden fleet.
New tug FREDERICK E. IVES is fitting up at Jersey City.

June 10, 1882
Cornell tugs COE F. YOUNG and GEORGE W. PRATT are being rebuilt at Rondout.
Tug HERCULES, late pilot boat, has been lately overhauled.
Tug NIAGARA sank off Governor’s Island on Saturday.
New tug FREDERICK E. IVES was on a trial trip on Thursday.
Tug HENRY A. CRAWFORD is repairing.
The New Jersey Central Railroad tug BAYONNE is finishing up at Communipaw.
Capt. James Lounsbury has bought and overhauled the Albany tug MOLYNEUX.

June 17, 1882
Tug BRITANNIA arrived here from Bermuda on Monday.
Tug HOPE was damaged off Catskill by passenger steamer CITY OF HUDSON recently. Tug AMBITION towed her to Athens for repairs.

July 2, 1882
Tug GREYHOUND has arrived here from New Orleans to be sold.
Tug BRITANNIA, recently from Bermuda, is in the mud line.

July 9, 1882
The machinery for the hull of the tug [R. G. TOWNSEND] now building at B. G. Hilliman & Co. for the Cornell Steamboat Co., is nearly completed.

July 15, 1882
The side-wheel tug AUSTIN, of Cornell’s Line, had her bow smashed.

August 5, 1882
The steamer RIVER BELLE, late L. BOARDMAN, is laid up at Newburgh.

August 12, 1882
The new tug C. E. EVARTS, built at Rondout for the Schuyler Line, is at Albany.

October 5, 1882
Tug GEORGE W. PRATT of Cornell’s Line has been thoroughly rebuilt.
New tug D. L. FLANAGAN is out and towing car floats.
The fine Albany tug ROBERT T. BANKS has been here overhauling.

October 12, 1882
Tug F. LAVERGNE sank at Jay Street, North River, Saturday night.

October 19, 1882
Tug F. LAVERGNE was raised and pumped out by Chapman.
Cornell’s new tug R. G. TOWNSEND has arrived from Philadelphia.

October 26, 1882
A fine new tug called the H. T. CASWELL has just appeared.

November 2, 1882
Tug GREYHOUND is towing railroad carfloats up the Harlem River.

November 16, 1882
The new tug GEORGE FIELD was here on Friday night.

December 14, 1882
Tug HERCULES, formerly pilot-boat, had her spars taken out..

December 21, 1882
Tug JERSEY BOY burned up off New Brighton on Wednesday.
The big Cheney tug SEA GULL is laid up in Erie Basin.

January 3, 1883
Tug CERES, lately sunk at Grand Street, was raised by Baxter.

January 11, 1883
Thomas Cornell has ordered another tug [S. L. CROSBY] like the W. E. STREET.

February 1, 1883
Tug D. L. FLANAGAN is towing carfloats for the Pennsylvania Railroad.

March 8, 1883
Birely, Hillman & Streaker have laid the keel for a new tug [S. L. CROSBY] for the Cornell Steamboat Co.
John H. Dialogue has launched the iron tug IRA M. HEDGES, with an engine 14, 28 x 24”, for the Washburn Steamboat Co., of Jersey City.
Tug EDWIN TERRY, with an engine 16, 32 x 24”, for the same firm, is almost ready for launching.

April 5, 1883
Schuyler’s tug G. C. ADAMS is out again, looking very fine.

April 19, 1883
Ward, Stanton will soon launch tug JOHN H. CORDTS for the Washburn Steamboat Co.

May 3, 1883
Name change: LITTLE GIANT, 24.86 gt, built in Chicago in 1864, is now UNCLE SAM, of Albany.
Washburn’s fine new tug, EDWIN TERRY, is hard at work.
The steamer RIVER BELLE, lately sunk by ice at Newburgh, is on Bulman & Brown’s drydock.

May 17, 1883
Washburn’s new tug IRA M. HEDGES is at work.
The new tug ELLEN M. RONAN, built by Van Loan & McGee at Athens, is here for her engine and boiler.
The little tug GEORGE C. PRESTON of Albany, is at work in this harbor.
Rondout claims the smallest towboat, side-wheeler JOHN A. MERKEL, 9’ long on deck, 31” beam, weighs 250 pounds, 17” diameter wheels powered by a steam engine 2-1/2 x 6”. She tows a Whitehall boat at 3 mph with a cargo of 4 persons.

May 24, 1883
Tug ELLEN M. RONAN is at Philadelphia for her engine.

June 7, 1883
Name change: FAWN, built at Philadelphia in 1868, 15.81 gt, is now DOW SMITH, of Albany.
Tug H. T. CASWELL sank in Saugerties Creek on Monday week [5/28].

June 14, 1883
Cornell’s new tug S. L. CROSBY has arrived from Philadelphia.
Cornell’s tug E. H. MEAD broke her shaft on Wednesday last.
The tug C. D. MILLS cut through passenger boat MARY POWELL’s guard in Rondout Creek.

June 21, 1883
Schuyler’s tug JAMES T. EASTON has been built up and now looks very fine.

July 5, 1883
Four large companies engage in Hudson River towing – Cheney, Cornell, Schuyler, and Washburn.

July 19, 1883
New tug ELLEN M. RONAN, built by Van Loan & McGee at Athens and engined by Neafie & Levy, was receiving her joiner work.
Tug SAMMIE tows car floats at Newburgh while the HART [railroad transfer steamer?] overhauls.
Tug SAXON lost smokestack, whistle, etc., in a squall off Yonkers on the 4th.

July 26, 1883
The new tug ELLEN M. RONAN is at work in the harbor.
Cornell’s new tug J. C. HARTT arrived from Philadelphia Friday.

August 16, 1883
The JAMES KENT, one of the first Hudson River steamboats, is anchored off Elysian Fields doing duty as pick-up hulk for Cornell’s tows.

August 23, 1883
The old steam pilot-boat HERCULES, now of Washburn’s Line, is finely painted.

September 27, 1883
Tug THOS. MILLER burned, $5,000 worth, at New Hamburg last week.

October 4, 1883
Tug THOMAS DICKSON, of Cornell’s Line, is overhauling at Rondout.
The fine tug ALICE E. CREW was formerly JOHN N. PARKER.
Tug JOHN L. ROBINSON was lying at a bulkhead at Albany with the New Baltimore tug CORA alongside, and the HATTIE M. BETTS further aft along the bulkhead, when the ROBINSON exploded on Friday afternoon [9/28]. The BETTS was damaged $1000 worth and the CORA is a total wreck.

October 11, 1883
Tug RUFUS B. VASSAR was sunk by tug NETTIE near Albany last Wednesday [10/3].

October 18, 1883
[Authorities investigating the boiler explosion of tug JOHN L. ROBINSON at Albany.]

November 8, 1883
Towboat P. C. SCHULTZ, of the Cheney Towing Co., is repairing at Jersey City.

November 22, 1883
Tug D. L. FLANAGAN, owned by Mark, is running from Troy to Philadelphia, towing a barge, making the trip once a week.

February 8, 1884
Tug BLUE STONE CO. was sunk by a schooner on Wednesday.

March 13, 1884
Tug CAMELIA of Cheney’s Line…

March 27, 1884
Chapman’s derrick WiLL has succeeded in raising tug BLUE STONE CO.

April 10, 1884
Tugs A. C. CHENEY and TERROR of Cheney’s Line…
Tug CHRISTIANA of Cheney’s Line has been repairing at Allison & Delamater’s.

June 12, 1884
Ronan’s big new tug POCAHONTAS is towing from Albany.
Tug CERES has been thoroughly overhauled at Stanton Street.
Towboat CONNECTICUT, Capt. Harvey Temple, landed a tow at Albany on the 13th (of May?).

June 19, 1884
Tug MARY R. McKILLOP, formerly GEN. U. S. GRANT, recently burned, is repairing.

July 10, 1884
New tug OSCEOLA is out, towing from Albany.

July 24, 1884
The fierce opposition between Schuyler and Ronan Towing Lines in Albany towing has ceased.

September 18, 1884
The big tug GREYHOUND is laid up at Astoria.

September 25, 1884
Tug WM. E. CLEARY, formerly GENERAL U. S. GRANT, late MARY R. McKILLOP, having been again rebuilt, is out once more in fine order.
Steamer G. E. WINANT was recently on the drydock at Athens.

Oct. 16, 1884
Tug VICTORIA, formerly HERCULES, has arrived here from Baltimore.

Oct. 23, 1884
The fine little Albany tug SUSIE arrived here with a big raft last week.

Nov. 27, 1884
Tug [not towboat] NIAGARA sank off Grand Street on Thursday last [11/20].

Dec. 4, 1884
Tug HARVEY W. TEMPLE has gone to Boston to tow mud thereabouts.
The old towboat NORWICH and tow got ashore near Catskill on Thursday [11/27].

Dec. 18, 1884
Waterboat SPRAY was sunk last week by tug OSCEOLA.

Jan. 29, 1885
Tug GREYHOUND has been sold to the Knickerbocker Steam Towage Co., of Bath, Maine. She has been thoroughly overhauled, painted white once more, and renamed ICE KING. She is intended for towing ice on the Kennebec River and vicinity.

Feb. 19, 1885
Tug VICTORIA has skipped by the light of the moon for Baltimore, and creditors weep.
“Cornell’s little tug RONDOUT is at work at the Weehawken Coal docks.”

March 5, 1885
Tug CONQUEROR has been wearing the A. C. CHENEY’s ice plow.

April 2, 1885
Tug W. E. CLEARY sank in Atlantic Basin on Friday night.

April 9, 1885
The pioneer trip to Newburgh was made by tug CONQUEROR with barge SPEAR.

April 23, 1885
Tug TOM S. WOTKYNS, recently built at Athens, is at work at Troy.

May 7, 1885
Thirteen loaded coal boats in tow of towboat OSWEGO, sank off of Sing Sing. The crews were rescued by Cornell’s tug W. E. STREET.
Tug ELLEN M. RONAN’s smokestack is fitted with a hinge for lowering.
Passenger propeller BESSIE will run from Catskill to Saugerties.

May 21, 1885
Tug QUAKER CITY, of Schuyler’s “pick-up” fleet, is out for the season.

May 28, 1885
Tug OSCEOLA has given up dredging Gedney’s Channel, and had her pumps taken out. She is now overhauling for the Albany route again.
Tug HERCULES, formerly pilot-boat, has been finely overhauled.
The old side-wheel tug WALTER B. CRANE, of Rondout, has laid her bones to rest at Port Ewen. She has been running in that vicinity steadily for over 30 years.

June 11, 1885
Towboats AMERICA, CONNECTICUT, CORNELIUS VANDERBILT, ONTARIO, and tug ROBERT T. BANKS, of Schuyler’s Line, are laid up in Gowanus Creek.

June 18, 1885
Tug VICTORIA has returned from Baltimore to tow in Ronan’s Line.

June 25, 1885
The last new tug, GREENPOINT, has the engine of the MARY R. McKILLOP, formerly GENERAL U. S. GRANT.

July 9, 1885
Tug VICTORIA, late of Baltimore, has been bought by Patrick Ronan.

July 23, 1885
Ronan’s tugs OSCEOLA and POCAHONTAS brought down large tows from Albany.

August 13, 1885
Tug VICTORIA, now of Ronan’s Line, has dispensed with her foremast.
Schuyler’s side-wheel towboat JACOB LEONARD has been overhauling at Athens.
Tug F. LAVERGNE was repaired at Rondout while the tug WM. S. EARL took her place.

August 20, 1885
Tugs F. LAVERGNE, PONTIAC, and P. C. SCHULTZ have been repaired at Athens.
Schuyler’s towboat NIAGARA broke down last week and the CORNELIUS VANDERBILT took her place.

August 27, 1885
The little tug GRACE is towing in and about Catskill Creek.

September 3, 1885
Tug C. D. MILLS is being entirely rebuilt at Rondout.

September 17, 1885
Tugs S. L. CROSBY and UNCLE ABE, with tows, collided off the Battery Monday week.
Schuyler’s Albany tug ROBERT T. BANKS was down last week to the races. [America Cup]

October 22, 1885
The big Dock Department tug MANHATTAN is laid up for extensive repairs at the Supply Yard, 60th Street, North River.
Tug ROBERT T. BANKS is laid up again at Gowanus.

October 29, 1885
Tug KNICKERBOCKER, of Bangor, is coming here for the winter.

November 5, 1885
Schuyler’s towboat ANNA has been laid up during the summer.
Tugs G. C. ADAMS, JAMES T. EASTON, and QUAKER STATE comprise Schuyler’s New York fleet.

December 24, 1885
The Albany tug D. L. FLANAGAN is towing in our harbor this winter.
JOHN McCAUSLAND, 33.29 tons, was documented this week at Albany.

January 16, 1886
Schuyler’s towboat BELLE is laid up at Jersey City.

January 23, 1886
Tug D. L. FLANAGAN burned at Jersey City on Saturday last [1/16].
Tug GEORGE W. PRATT was cut through by ice last week, but was saved by beaching.

February 26, 1886
Tug MANHATTAN of the Dock Department, is now as good as new.

March 13, 1886
Tug W. E. CHENEY sank in the East River on Tuesday.

May 15, 1886
The old North River Steamboat JAMES KENT is now a stakeboat off Elysian Fields.
Tug OSCEOLA’s joiner work was damaged $500 worth by fire last week.

May 24, 1886
Tug VICTORIA ran on Hampton Point and was hauled off by the A. C. CHENEY. The VICTORIA proceeded to Albany in a more or less dangerous state.

June 9, 1886
Towboat JACOB LEONARD ran on a rock near Esopus Island and immediately filled and sank on June 2nd. She was owned by Schuyler and was used as a tender to the larger towboats.
Cheney’s tug TERROR is being entirely rebuilt at at the Stanton Street drydock.
Tug PROMETHEUS broke her shaft while coming down with a tow of ice barges.

June 16, 1886
The sunken towboat JACOB LEONARD, lately raised by E. R. Lowe, was towed down from Esopus island, and is now upon Burtis’ Railway at Red Hook.
Tug CAMELIA is owned by Cheney.

June 29, 1886
Tugs CAMELIA and PROMETHEUS are out again, and now all of Cheney’s tugs are going.
Tug OSCEOLA broke her shaft and lost her wheel between New Baltimore and Barren Island.

July 6, 1886
Tug TERROR is receiving a new compound engine.

July 13, 1886
Towboat JACOB LEONARD is repaired and out again.

July 27, 1886
Boston tug ICE KING arrived last week with coal barge, late bark, LIZZIE MOSES.
Tug OSCEOLA ran into ferryboat WINONA off Whitehall on the 17th.

Aug. 2, 1886
Cornell’s boneyard at Port Ewen has received several new cases lately.

Aug. 9, 1886
Schuyler’s tug G. C. ADAMS damaged ferry ANNEX NO. 1 off Jersey City on Sunday last week.
Ice barge CHENANGO was nearly cut in two near Poughkeepsie by tug PROMETHEUS.

Aug. 30. 1886
Towboat AUSTIN of Cornell’s Line broke her crosshead off Cold Spring Friday night. She was towed back to Rondout for repairs by tug COLUMBIA.

Nov. 3, 1886
The MINNESOTA’s launch was sunk off West 27th Street by tug EDWIN TERRY.

Jan. 7, 1887
Tug W. E. CLEARY was damaged $500 by fire last week.

April 4, 1887
Tugs CHRISTIANA and TERROR are to have new boilers.

May 2, 1887
Tug TROY sank on the dyke near Coeyman’s lately.
The latest acquisition to the towing fleet of this harbor is the handsome little tug TOM S. WOTKYNS, late of West Troy. She was built in Athens in 1884, is 31.19 tons, 150 ihp, and is owned by Ciancimo, and will tow sand from Cow Bay, Long Island. Capt. Slater is in command. No better equipped boat can be found anywhere.

May 16, 1887
Steamboat W. W. COIT has been sold to an association of marketmen of the Wallabout, Brooklyn, who intend to run her from that place to various points up the Hudson River.

May 23, 1887
Cheney tug PROMETHEUS, formerly a steamship, grounded on Rylander’s Reef last week, and suffered some damage.

May 30, 1887
Tug IRA M. HEDGES and steamer BAY RIDGE collided off the Battery and a canal boat was sunk.
Tug ONDAWA, 23.96 tons, port of Albany, was documented during the week ending May 28.

June 13, 1887
The CERES and JOHN MARSHALL are in the “bone yard” at Port Ewen.
The powerful little side-wheeler ANNA is towing from Albany again.

June 20, 1887
Schuyler sold tug ROBERT T. BANKS to DuBois for $10,000.
Tug ADRIATIC and a mud scow had a tussle off Coeymans. The latter was sunk.

July 18, 1887
Schuyler sold tug G. C. ADAMS to DuBois Brothers to tow mud scows.

August 29, 1887
Towboats BELLE, NORWICH, and ONTARIO are the only “saw-mill” engine boats left on the Hudson.

October 3, 1887
Tug J. C. HARTT was badly damaged by the CITY OF BROCKTON on Friday.

October 17, 1887
Knickerbocker’s tug HONEYSUCKLE..

November 7, 1887
Tug J. C. HARTT has repaired her damage and is at work again.

January 3, 1888
Tug THOMAS DICKSON is overhauling at Allison’s.

February 13, 1888
Cornell’s tug E. H. MEAD is overhauling at Jay Street.

February 20, 1888
The big tug A. C. CHENEY, with her ice plow, reached Rockland Lake on Tuesday, and brought some ice barges down.

March 5, 1888
Towboat P. C. SCHULTZ was recently sunk by ice at Rondout.
Cornell tug S. L. CROSBY has been overhauling at Delamater’s.

April 9, 1888
Tug J. C. HARTT brought the season’s first coal tow from Kingston.

April 16, 1888
The old ice-king, towboat NORWICH, is to have a new boiler.
Tug A. C. CHENEY was on the screw dock for a new wheel.

April 23, 1888
Tug GENERAL SHERIDAN’s engine and boiler will have a new hull.

May 16, 1888
The Stuyvesant packet W. W. COIT has been repaired at Athens.
The new tug VOLUNTEER is parading about the harbor.
Tugs F. LAVERGNE, POCAHONTAS, and towboat GEORGE A. HOYT were ashore near Athens in the fog.
New tug JOHN D. SCHOONMAKER will receive old tug GENERAL SHERIDAN’s boiler and engine.

July 12, 1888
The new Ronan tug KOMUK has made her appearance here.

July 30, 1888
The steamer CITY OF HUDSON was slightly damaged by fire at Stuyvesant.

August 6, 1888
Tug JOHN D. SCHOONMAKER was launched last week at Rondout.

August 20, 1888
Tug HARVEY W. TEMPLE extinguished a fire on bark CRUSADER last week.

August 27, 1888
Tug G. C. ADAMS and steamer MATTEAWAN collided.
Small passenger boat BESSIE is still running from Hudson to Coxsackie.
[Advertisement for Benjamin Franklin Line and Yonkers Towing Line with tug JOHN H. HAMMITT towing to points between New York and Tarrytown.]

September 27, 1888
Steamer JOHN L. HASBROUCK and tug JOHN H. CORDTS collided near Milton.

October 3, 1888
Towboat JACOB LEONARD, of Schuyler’s Line, broke her shaft recently. So did the old ice king NORWICH at Kingston the other day.

October 11, 1888
The old ice-king NORWICH has been overhauled at Newburgh.

October 25, 1888
The old ice-king NORWICH is being extensively rebuilt at Newburgh.

November 26, 1888
Tug A. C. CHENEY is overhauling at Guion’s dock.

December 3, 1888
Chapman raised Cornell’s tug E. H. MEAD, recently sunk at Harrison Street.

December 20, 1888
The GRANITE STATE’s boilers are to go into towboat AUSTIN.
Tug E. H. MEAD has been taken to the boneyard at Rondout to keep company with the GENERAL SHERIDAN, which gave up the ghost over a year since.
The Cornell Towboat Co. is about to have two new tugs built for harbor use. The first one will be about the size of the R. G. TOWNSEND.
Tug BLUE STONE CO. has gone to Kaighn’s Point to be rebuilt.
AUSTIN has had her hull rebuilt.
Tug COE F. YOUNG is going to receive the W. E. STREET’s boiler. The YOUNG will tow between Newburgh and Rondout next season in place of the ISAAC M. NORTH, which is to go to the boneyard.
Steamer BELLE was conveyed from J. J. Wilson to J. E. Van Pelt for $3,000, whole ownership.

December 27, 1888
Cornell’s side-wheel OSWEGO sank at Esopus Light.
Tug B. M. FRELIGH, formerly of New York, now hails from Poughkeepsie, where she is owned by Oliver H. Booth. She has undergone extensive repairs and with a new boiler is as good as new.

March 8, 1889
Patrick Delaney, of Newburgh, is building a boiler for the N. F. JONES of Roseton.
Capt. Mat Clancy will have charge of tug TOM S. WOTKYNS, of Haverstraw, this season.
Tug J. H. PRECHT, formerly of Poughkeepsie, has been taken by Richard Rodeman of Tomkins Cove. He will use her for towing scows from his sand banks on the cove.
Tugboat WM. COLEMAN, of Haverstraw, has started for the season.
Capt. Charles Weiant, owner of the splendid tug WM. R. SHEFFIELD, of Haverstraw, has made many improvements on her during the winter and now she looks like the queen of the river.
BLUE STONE CO. is being rebuilt as-good-as-new at Malden-on-the-Hudson.

March 13, 1889
The tugboat JERSEY BOY, of Newburgh, will tow mud this season for dredge KNICKERBOCKER.
Henry Wyles, of Grassy Point, is rebuilding the engine of tug TOM S. WOTKYNS.
Towboat JOHN MARSHALL has been dismantled by Charles Bishop.

June 4, 1889
The engine of Cornell’s side-wheel tug GENERAL McDONALD came down in a heap on Saturday.
Towboat G. E. WINANTS, of Schuyler’s Albany fleet, is being rebuilt.
Tug PIONEER is at South Cove, libelled.
The Cornell tug THOMAS DICKSON is soon to be rebuilt at Rondout.
The tug COE F. YOUNG is rebuilding and receiving a new boiler at Rondout.
Captain Billy Barnett, of Wilbur, is building a fine new tug at Rondout. We wish him success.
Tug N. F. JONES, of Roseton, is running again with a new boiler and raised pilot-house.
The hull of JOHN MARSHALL is being made into two coal barges at South Rondout.
The dismantled hull of the old steamboat WILLIAM COOK lies on the beach at Port Ewen.

July 9, 1889
Empire Towing & Lightering Co. has received the hull of EMPIRE from Wentworth Allen, of Athens. She has an engine 17” square by John J. Hayes. She has the engine, house, and boiler of tug MOHAWK.
Schuyler Line towboats AMERICA and G. E. WINANTS..
Tug SANDY is laid up at Rondout on account of towing being slack.
Tug E. C. BAKER sailed last Tuesday for Lake Champlain for the Burley Brothers.

July 23, 1889
The large tugboat E. H. WEBSTER hailing from Hudson (NY), which has been laid up here for a couple of months past has received a general overhaul and is reported to have changed hands recently. She is ready to leave for some port near Cape Cod where she will be employed towing scows under government contract.

August 21, 1889
Tug E. H. WEBSTER’s sale [reported under July 23rd note] was cancelled; then bought by Capt. Andrew Hennesey. Her engine is 36 x 26”. She was built by Ward, Stanton, and equipped with a wrecking pump.

September 3. 1889
The Cornell side-wheel towboat GEORGE A. HOYT is on Marvel’s railway at Newburgh being dismantled.
Tug B. M. FRELIGH, now owned by Commander Booth, is at Poughkeepsie. She was formerly the FAIRY QUEEN and towed at Saugerties and this city.
Tug SADIE, of Newburgh, has gone to Five Mile River, Connecticut, where she will tow mud in place of the JERSEY BOY, which exploded.
Tug GEORGE FIELD, of Newburgh, is commanded by Capt. Al Walker.
The old Cornell towboat JOHN MARSHALL is now a coal barge.
Tug E. H. MEAD of Cornell’s Line is being torn up at Rondout.

September 10, 1889
The old Cornell tug SAMMY CORNELL will soon be worn out in service.
The little tug JONTY JENKS is now run by Capt. Green of Albany.
The old New York tug CERES, once a famous gunboat, is now a coal barge.
The old side-wheel tug MAURICE WURTS was torn up in Rondout Creek in 1876.
Tug E. H. MEAD, lately dismantled in Rondout Creek, was formerly the RUTH.
The little tug J. H. PRECHT, formerly of this city, is at work at Poughkeepsie.
Tug C. F. STARIN was formerly G. F. VON BECK of Rondout.
Side-wheel tug HUDSON, formerly passenger steamer WESTCHESTER, lies a wreck at Kingston Point. Her faithful old engine is in a Rondout junk shop.

October 14, 1889
New tug JAMES J. LOGAN is rapidly completing at Marvel’s yard, at Newburgh.
Up for inspection:
HUDSON, T. J. Kiernan, 36 South Street
QUAKER CITY, G. S. Foote, 15 South Street [Schuyler ?]

December 11, 1889
Towboat BELLE towed the CONNECTICUT from Athens to Gowanus to lie up. The towboat CORNELIUS VANDERBILT is also laid up there with Schuyler’s fleet.
Cheney tugs P. C. SCHULTZ, PROMETHEUS, and SAXON are laid up in Erie Basin.
Tug VICTORIA, formerly HERCULES, is overhauling at Newburgh.

January 27, 1890
Steamer W. W. COIT was recently sold for debt at Newburgh.
Tugs A. C. CHENEY, HONEYSUCKLE, and TERROR are laid up at West 20th Street.

February 4, 1890
Cornell is building [having built] an iron tug at Newburgh. [GEO. W. WASHBURN]

February 11, 1890
The old ice-king NORWICH is towing coal from Kingston.

March 10, 1890
Big North River tug GEO. W. WASHBURN was launched at Newburgh Saturday.

March 17, 1890
Towboat BELLE is at work again, after lying up all winter.

March 24, 1890
Albany towboats BELLE and NIAGARA are overhauling at Gowanus. They were laid up at the Scranton Coal Docks, Jersey City, all winter.
Up for inspection: P. C. SCHULTZ and TERROR, Cheney Towing Line, Foot of West 20th Street

March 31, 1890
Towboat NIAGARA and tug OSCEOLA took the first Albany tows up Saturday week. NIAGARA is out in good shape after lying still all winter.
Tugs ROSE [?], ELLEN M. RONAN, JAMES T. EASTON, and KOMUK are out again, in fine order.
Schuyler’s big side-wheel tug BELLE took up her first tow for Albany Tuesday week.

April 7, 1890
Colors were generally half-mast along the North River for Major Cornell.
Up for inspection: CHRISTIANA, E. F. Bearse [Cheney Towing Line]

April 21, 1890
Up for inspection: HONEYSUCKLE, E. F. Bearse [Cheney Towing Line]
Schuyler tug G. C. ADAMS is out for the season, looking fine as usual.
Tug VICTORIA, of the Ronan Towing Line, has been thoroughly overhauled at Newburgh, and has been supplied with a new boiler. The Ronan people expect a very large increase in towing this season, particularly from the Champlain Canal.

May 6, 1890
Schuyler’s old side-wheeler ANNA which has laid up at Albany for two years was recently towed to Erie Basin.

May 13, 1890
Schuyler’s big AMERICA took her first tow up-river last Monday night..
Coal barges DONALD and ROBERT were once the steamboat THOMAS CORNELL.
Side-wheeler P. C. SCHULTZ, of the Cheney Line, is towing ice barges after lying up all winter.
Schuyler’s harbor tug QUAKER CITY is out again, looking very nice.

May 20, 1890
The propeller tug ELLEN M. RONAN, of the Ronan Line, left Albany with two of the Ridgewood Ice Company’s barges Saturday evening.
Schuyler’s big sidewheel towboat CORNELIUS VANDERBILT started with her first tow of the season on Wednesday.
Up for inspection:
Tug CAMELIA, E. F. Bearse [Cheney Towing Line]
Tug SAXON, E. F. Bearse [Cheney Towing Line]
Tug CONQUEROR, E. F. Bearse [Cheney Towing Line]

May 27, 1890
Schuyler’s big side-wheel tug CORNELIUS VANDERBILT is laid up at Jersey City.
Big towboat CONNECTICUT has been towed up the Hudson to lie up.
Steamer W. W. COIT is chartered for a route on the Delaware.
Up for inspection: Tug A. C. CHENEY, E. F. Bearse [Cheney Towing Line]
Cornell’s big towboat OSWEGO has been put on the route between Rondout and Albany.
Towboat NIAGARA, of the Schuyler Line, left Albany last Thursday with only four barges.

June 9, 1890
Cheney’s large tug SAXON is undergoing repairs to deck, etc., at the company’s wharf.
Up for inspection:
Tug HARVEY W. TEMPLE, W. J. Hall, 22 South Street
Tug G. C. ADAMS, George Foote, 15 South Street [Schuyler Line]
Tug PROMETHEUS, E. F. Bearse [Cheney Towing Line]

June 15, 1890
Cornell’s new tug GEO. W. WASHBURN is finishing up at Newburgh.
The old side-wheel towboat GEORGE A. HOYT is being broken up at Newburgh.
Up for inspection: Tug W. E. CHENEY, R. J. Barrett, 58 West Street

July 10, 1890
Tug W. E. CHENEY is out again in very good condition. She tows the St. John’s Guild Hospital three times a week.

July 14, 1890
The Cornell tug EDWIN TERRY is overhauling at Jersey City.
Schuyler’s old towboat ANNA is being broken up at the foot of Jersey Avenue, Jersey City.

July 29, 1890
Cheney tugs PROMETHEUS and SAXON are laid up at West 20th Street for lack of work.
Up for inspection: Tug GEORGIANA, C. P. Luster, 14 South Street

August 6, 1890
Schuyler’s side-wheel towboat BELLE is receiving a new shaft at South Brooklyn.

Aug. 27, 1890
Union Drydock Co. built the SHAUGHRAUN in 1883.
The new tug GEO. W. WASHBURN, built by T. S. Marvel & Co. of Newburgh, for the Cornell Steqamboat Co., is one of the most powerful tugs on the Hudson River, and displays a fine model.

Sept. 8, 1890
The sidewheel tug OSWEGO was repaired at Athens last week.

Sept. 15, 1890
Albany notes:
The tugs KOMUK and VICTORIA, New York helpers of the Ronan Line, came through with POCAHONTAS last Tuesday.
The Ronan and Schuyler Lines report business as being unusually dull for this season of the year.
Up for inspection: Tug EMPIRE, J. Leverty, 75 South Street

Sept. 22, 1890
Albany notes:
Very little business was done along the waterfront last week, as the docks were completely submerged.
Steamer MARY POWELL went aground in a fog off Esopus Island, Thursday morning. Tugs PONTIAC, of Schuyler’s Line, and SARANAC, of the Ronan Line, succeeded in pulling her off.
Up for inspection: Tug BALTIC, J. H. Van Wie, 102 Wall Street.

Oct. 16, 1890
The Ronan Line will winter their transportation fleet in the Albany Basin, and their steamers at Marvel’s shipyard at Newburgh.
The Ronan and Schuyler Lines anticipate a busy Fall.

November 6, 1890
Cheney’s Towing fleet, with the exception of the ADRIATIC, CAMELIA, CONQUEROR, and TERROR, are in winter quarters. The CHRISTIANA, PROMETHEUS, and SAXON are at the Erie Basin, and the A. C. CHENEY, HONEYSUCKLE, and P. C. SCHULTZ are at 20th Street, North River.

November 13, 1890
Tug W. E. CHENEY was at Starin’s Saturday to paint up.

December 1, 1890
Albany note: Steamer ONTARIO of the Schuyler Line is moored in the Basin for the winter.

December 25, 1890
Albany note: Tug FRED PETRIE lies sunk in the Basin.

January 28, 1891
Albany notes:
The following vessels are laid up for the winter in Rondout Creek:


April 9, 1891
Albany Note: The large side-wheel steamer ONTARIO, of the Schuyler Line, has been purchased by the D & H Canal Company, of Rondout.

July 9, 1891
Albany Notes:
Tug ICE KING, of the Morse fleet, has been chartered by the Cheney Line, and will tow ice barges on the Hudson River this summer.
Considerable rivalry exists between the owners of tugs D. F. SKINNER and THOMAS CHUBB over the relative speed of each boat. They have almost identical hulls and engines.

October 15, 1891
Albany Notes:
The Ronan and Moran Lines now have the monopoly of the Hudson. They have consolidated and their tugs include: Moran: F. W. VOSBURGH, and R. C. VEIT. ROBERT H. PACKER on charter from the Bee Line. Ronan’s tugs: ELLEN M. RONAN, G. C. ADAMS, KOMUK, OSCEOLA, POCAHONTAS, VICTORIA, etc.

Towboats ANNA, BALTIC, CAYUGA, and NEW YORK are now out of existence.

October 29, 1891
McWilliams’ tug U. S. GRANT..
Scully Line’s MARY ANN..

Up for inspection:
WINDSOR, J. B. King, 24 State St., [King Plaster Mills]
UNCLE ABE, F. G. Osborn, 8 Broadway [PRR, NY Harbor fleet]
FANNIE P. SKEER, H. B. Moore, 6 Broadway [N Y Lighterage Co. – Lehigh Valley?]
C. P. RAYMOND, R. M. Raymond, 70 South Street [Dalzell]

November 5, 1891
Tug WM. B. EDDY, 1/8 share conveyed to J. Haggerty,
Tug FORTUNA building for L. Boyer by Ahearn & McNeill.
Paddy Monks’ A. F. WALCOTT..

Up for inspection:
NIAGARA (tug), E. A. Brooks, 99 Atlantic Ave., Brooklyn
C. A. POOLE, G. L. Douglass
BRUCE, N. B. Trout, Atlantic Highlands, NJ
W. H. SCOTT, J. J. Day
STELLA, J. B. Acker
E. H. COFFIN, T. Howland
JOHN S. SMITH, F. Ferguson, Brooklyn
E. M. MILLARD, Lewis Pulver [N Y Harbor Towboat Co.]

November 12, 1891
McCool & Haggerty’s new boat FRED E. SCAMMELL will be engaged towing between New York and Newark, and in New York Harbor.
Decker & McGuire’s new boat META..
ROLLIN H. WILBUR, with an engine 18, 23 x 24”. Built by Theo. A. Crane for Harrison B. Moore of the New York Lighterage Co. [Lehigh Valley RR?]
Pennsylvania Railroad tugs HARSIMUS, MERCER, and the new PALMYRA.
Tug F. WOODRUFF is awaiting a buyer.
Tug ATLAS, recently sold, went into commision Friday.
Eli Conine’s large tug WANDERER..

Up for inspection:
MEDIA, Prop. D. C. Chase, 129 Broad Street [PRR Raritan Canal fleet]
ESSEX, F. F. Gregory [app. CRR of NJ]
C. C. CLARKE, George Eiseman [N Y Central RR]
BUFFALO, E. DuBois, of Jersey City [Erie RR]
FRANCIS KING, Charles McWilliams
JAMES EDWARDS, Robert Ehle, Jersey City
SENATOR D. C. CHASE, T. J. Scully, 1 Broadway

November 19, 1891
Moran’s F. W. VOSBURGH, R. C. VEIT, and R. J. MORAN.
Tug VIDETTE, ex- B. M. FRELIGH, was totally destroyed by fire in the Hackensack River Friday night.

Up for inspection:
F. WOODRUFF, M. Horstmann, of Hoboken
GRACE, O. O. Gunderson, Brooklyn
N. Y. CENTRAL LTGE. CO. NO. 1, George Eiseman [N Y Central RR]
TALISMAN, C. H. Winnett, Brooklyn
JOHN S. SMITH, T. F. Kiernan
T. B. VAN HOUTEN, E. DuBois, of Jersey City [Erie RR]

November 26, 1891
Tug C. K. BUCKLEY is chartered to the Ronan Line.
J. O. Egerton’s tug DEFIANCE..
ROBERT MYERS, 15/16ths share conveyed to Myers Excursion Co.
JAMES T. EASTON, conveyed whole to C. F. Harris, for $4000.

Up for inspection:
EDWARD ANNAN, E. J. Burger, of Brooklyn
R. H. WILLIAMS, JR., W. J. Tice
GILBERT, G. H. Willet, of Jersey City
QUICKSTEP, S. L’Hommedieu [White Star Towing Line]
CHARLES RUNYON, S. L’Hommedieu [White Star Towing Line]
LILA MAY HARDY, D. C. Jaycox, of Jersey City
JAMES BOWEN, C. O. Thompson
ARROW, C. W. Boyes
EXCHANGE, Peter Reed
N. B. STARBUCK, W. Brown

December 3, 1891
Capt. G. Eiseman is marine superintendent of the New York Central RR.
D. C. Chase is marine superintendent of the Pennsylvania Railroad Raritan Canal Fleet.
F. G. Osborn marine superintendent of the Pennsylvania Railroad’s New York Harbor Fleet.
Mutual Grain Ceiling Co’s tug MUTUAL..

Up for inspection:
MARION, D. C. Chase, [PRR, Raritan Canal Fleet]
WILLIE, J. L. Hopkins, of Jersey City
LYNDHURST, John Gilkinson, of Hoboken
G. H. NOTTER, Wm. Reeves
ERIE, James Alexander
BRILLIANT, R. C. Veit [Standard Oil Co.]
COL. E. A. STEVENS, John Gilkinson, of Hoboken

December 10, 1891
C. P. GRANT, side-wheel towing steamer, burned to the water’s edge while moored at Troy.
A. F. KAPELLA conveyed whole to P. J. Tuttle, for $1180.
Capt. Jimmy Harrold’s tug HARROLD..
Erie Railroad’s tug BUFFALO..

Up for inspection:
AMERICA, A. Dutch & Son
ARIOSA, H. E. DuBois, DuBois Dredging
C. H. BRINKERHOFF, H. E. DuBois, DuBois Dredging
GLEN IRIS, R. Brayton
C. C. CLARKE, George Eiseman [N Y Central RR]

Albany Notes:
Tug G. C. ADAMS is laid up at New Baltimore.
Tug PONTIAC, formerly of the now defunct Schuyler Line, having been under charter by the Ronan Line, is laid up in Winter quarters in the Basin [at Albany].

December 17, 1891
JOHN HALLIARD is a total loss by fire, November 29th, at Jersey City.
DuBois Dredging’s tug TACOMA..
Tug HEWITT BOICE has been purchased by Mutual Grain Ceiling Co., and renamed EDWARD M. TIMMINS. They also have the tug QUAKER CITY.

Up for inspection:
WESTERN UNION, G. T. Olmstead, of Jersey City
TROJAN, Eli B. Conine
JOHN T. PRATT, L. F. Bloodgood, of Brooklyn
PEARL, A. H. Smith
H. H. NEWKIRK, V. E. Downer
EL MORA, F. F. Gregory [CRR of NJ]
JOHN F. WINSLOW, W. Danforth
WILLIAM A. LEVERING, G. M. Milliken, of Jersey City

December 24, 1891
Central Railroad of N.J.’s EL MORA..
Pennsylvania Railroad Co’s tug AMERICA
Starin’s MARY LEWIS.. W. F. Cogan is in charge of John H. Starin’s towing fleet.

Up for inspection:
M. VANDERCOOK, C. McWilliams
SARAH J. WEED, W. H. Hooker, Jersey City

December 31, 1891
Starin’s tug HORACE B. FREEMAN..

Up for inspection:
LOUIE, G. V. Sloat
ANDREW C. GREY, Anning Smith

January 7, 1892
Towboat ONTARIO is being broken up at Greenpoint.
Egbert’s Towing Line’s tugs ALICE O. EGBERT, J. & J. McCARTHY, and SAMUEL W. MORRIS.
Capt. McElwer’s tug C. K. BUCKLEY..
W. O. Egerton’s tug DEFIANCE..

Up for inspection:
A. C. ROSE, P. H. Marshall (app. B & O RR)
MERCER, W. W. Beebe (agent for PRR)
OCEAN KING, L. Luckenbach
JAMES W. HUSTED, A. H. Donahue
FRED B. DALZELL, R. M. Raymond [Dalzell]

January 14, 1892
New Bedford parties have purchased the tug VOLUNTEER, of Philadelphia, built in 1888 at Bordentown, NJ.
VOLUNTEER will hail from New Bedford.
Tug S. R. ST. JOHN has been purchased by Baxter Wrecking Co.
Tug HIRAM R. DIXON, owned by Joseph Cornell et al, sank at her dock early on Tuesday of last week.

Up for inspection:
R. W. BURKE, F. P. Burger
UNIT, G. H. Fernald
MABEL, Peter Androvette, of Kreischerville, Staten Island

January 21, 1892
Pennsylvania Railroad Co’s tugs AMERICA, JUNIATA, and LINDEN.
CERES, 1/16th share, conveyed to J. H. Cove, for $531.
LAURA B. TRENSCH, ¼ share, conveyed to L. N. Dentz.
S. R. ST. JOHN, whole, conveyed to J. F. Baxter, et al.

Up for inspection:
EGBERT MYERS, J. B. Howard [app. agent for Myers T L]
ACTIVE, Wm. Wolf
THREE BROTHERS, Heipershausen Brothers
NEW YORK CENTRAL LTGE. CO. NO. 17, George Eiseman [N Y Central RR]
VALIANT, E. O. Fanning, of South Brooklyn

January 28, 1892
Tug JESSIE RUSSELL is laid up since the death of her owner, Capt. Driscoll.
McWilliams Brothers’ ABRAM P. SKIDMORE…
Pennsylvania Railroad’s WINNIE…
ROBERT ROBINSON, ½-interest conveyed to John Morrow.

Up for inspection:
CORNELIA, George M. Bockover
W. F. BURDEN, J. H. McConnell [Harlem River Towing Line]

February 4, 1892
F. WOODRUFF purchased by Dick Jones and Michael Ryan.
SPRAY purchased by Gregory of Cow Bay, Long Island, for $207 for breaking up.
Eli B. Conine’s WANDERER…

Up for inspection:
ASTRAL, R. C. Veit [Standard Oil Co.]
H. B. RAWSON, S. L’Hommedieu [White Star Towing Line]

February 11, 1892
COL. E. A. STEVENS, conveyed whole, to John K. Gilkinson.
J. F. Underhill’s PIONEER…
Erie Railroad’s ROCHESTER…
The tug CARSTON OFFERMAN was lately owned by P. Kelly.

Up for inspection:
ANNIE WILLIAMS, George Williams, of Elizabethport
ETTA MOORE, New York Lighterage Co. [seems to be Lehigh Valley RR]
GREYLOCK, Edward Kavanagh, of Bayonne
JOHN A. CARNIE, McCaldin Bros.
MERCEDES, New York Lighterage Co. [seems to be Lehigh Valley RR]

February 18, 1892
Beard & Kimpland’s tug C. N. KIMPLAND…
Mutual Co.’s HEWITT BOICE…
Capt. William Cox’ WM. S. ANDERSON…

Up for inspection:
ALICE P. EGBERT, W. H. Van Pelt, of Port Richmond [Egbert T L]
WANDERER, A. McKenzie [Eli B. Conine]

February 25, 1892
Myers Excursion & Navigation Co. has purchased the tug CHARLES F. ALLEN.
Up for inspection:
COMMODORE DURYEA, G. W. King [King Plaster Mills]
GLEN ISLAND, G. B. Foote [Starin?]
H. S. NICHOLS, F. Stebbins’ Sons
JAMES WATT, T. F. Shortland

March 3, 1892
DEFIANCE, ½-interst conveyed to F. V. Egerton.
C. N. KIMPLAND. built by John Dialogue & Co. for Beard Dredging Co., with an 18, 36 x 24” engine.
Up for inspection:
JOHN J. WILSON (tug?), J. J. Wilson, of Brooklyn
LULIE (tug?), George Sofield, of Perth Amboy
MARY McNEIL, D. P. McKillop
RAMAPO, E. DuBois, of Jersey City [Erie RR]
RESTLESS, B. Brayton

March 10, 1892
Barrett Lines’ W. E. CHENEY and WENDELL GOODWIN..
J. J. Paries (et al?), BLUE STONE CO..
Staples Coal Co’s GEO. A. DEAN..
W. D. Anderson wants to sell ½-interest in JOHN ANSON.
DAISY, owned by breaker J. H. Gregory, is for sale.

Up for inspection:
EVONA, George Williams
GEO. L. HAMMOND, Mrs. Freligh, Jersey City
ZOUAVE, William Potts, of Jersey City
C. E. EVARTS, L. Pulver [N Y Harbor Towboat Co.]

March 17, 1892
Thomas Olsen is building a small tug, 47 x 13 x 6, to be named CARROLL BOYS, for Robert White. She is to have an engine 12 x 15”.
Thomas Olsen is building a tug 57 x 14 x 6.8, with a 13 x 15” engine, for Stanley H Minor and Capt. Ferguson of tug JOHN S. SMITH.
Central RR of New Jersey’s tug BAYONNE..
Up for inspectionj:
VIDETTE, F. A. Butler
TERROR, J. F. Sproul [Cheney ?]

March 26, 1892
WHITE & PRICE was conveyed, whole, to Robert McAllister [not related to McAllister Bros.], et al., for $2050.
VIRGINIA, conveyed, whole, to Mayer Lehman, for $5.
HOWARD W., conveyed, whole, to Joseph Walderer.
ELLA, ½-interest, conveyed to Thomas K. Gibbons.
Russell Brothers’ VIGILANT..
New England Terminal Co’s INTREPID..
Erie Railroad’s tug SHOHOLA..
Up for inspection:
GOLDEN ROD, S. L’Hommedieu [White Star T L]
CYCLOPS, P. H. Marshall [B & O RR ?]
EDITH BEARD, D. M. Healey, of Brooklyn [app. Beard Dredging?]
W. E. GLADWISH, J. H. Galt
AMBOY, J. G. Sterritt
EVIE, F. Russell, of Long Island City [Newtown Creek T L?]
A. J. HOOLE, L. D. Johnson, of Jersey City.
FLORENCE, A. R. Stebbins
Steamer JOHN E. MOORE, L. Pulver [N Y Harbor Towboat Co.]

April 7, 1892
A Great Towing Company, it will surprise our friends to learn, has purchased the entire business of the Cheney Towing
Line… It is expected that Capt. Ed Bearse, of the Cheney Line, will go with the Cornell Co… along with tugs A. C.
The A. C. CHENEY, ADRIATIC, CAMELIA, CONQUEROR, and P. C. SCHULTZ, of the late Cheney Line, are at the foot of West 20th Street. The CHRISTIANA, PROMETHEUS, and SAXON are still laid up at Erie Basin. The PROMETHEUS will be dismantled and employed as a stakeboat.

April 20, 1892
A sale of the Schuyler fleet was held aboard the boats at the foot of Court Street last week and the prices which they were sold at were extremely poor. The sale was made to give title to, I believe, the Holland Trust Co. The AMERICA brought $1050, CORNELIUS VANDERBILT, $1050, NIAGARA, $1050, SYRACUSE and BELLE, $525 each, JACOB LENARD, $550, and CARRIE, CONNECTICUT, and G. E. WINANTS, $125 each. The AMERICA, BELLE, C. VANDERBILT, JACOB LEONARD, NIAGARA, and SYRACUSE are still in the hands of the U. S. Marshals, while the CONNECTICUT, CARRIE, and G. E. WINANTS are in the hands of the receiver.

May 12, 1892
EDWIN H. MEAD was launched this week at Newburgh.
BISMARCK, owned by Ross & Howell, is undergoing an overhaul in Philadelphia. She has a compound engine 20, 36 x 26”.

May 26, 1892
Side-wheel towboats AMERICA, BELLE, CORNELIUS VANDERBILT, JACOB LEONARD, and NIAGARA are to be [re-]sold on the 28th.

June 2, 1892
The tug CONQUEROR towed towboat GENERAL McDONALD to Rondout last week.
The old tug ISAAC M. NORTH is still towing between Rondout and Newburgh, but will be laid aside after this season.
Mr. George M. Van Hoesen was the chief purchaser [for Holland Trust??]. He bid in AMERICA, $10,100, CORNELIUS VANDERBILT, $10,000, JACOB LEONARD, $5,000, NIAGARA, $6,000, and SYRACUSE, $11,000.
Tug ALEXANDER BARKLEY is laid up at Marvel’s on account of slack work.
Newtown Creek Towing Co’s LYNDHURST..
Tug C. W. STANDART has been sold to George D. Kuper, et al.

Up for inspection:
WM. H. WALKER, George Nadele [West Side T L]
REBA, N. E. Power
JOHN ANSON, W. J. Clark, of Brooklyn
A. C. CHENEY, Cornell Steamboat Co.
WESLEY STONEY, V. E. Downer [Vierow T L]
BEE, Atlantic Dredging Co.

June 9, 1892
C. P. Raymond & Co.’s C. P. RAYMOND, E. S. ATWOOD, FRED B. DALZELL, and INDIAN.
Capt. John Burrows’ FRED JANSEN..
Tug WHITE ROSE, sister to TEA ROSE, built by J. Ellis & Son, with an 18 x 20” engine, is owned by Standard Oil Co.
C. OFFERMAN is engaged in general towing by owner Patrick Kelly.
Tug ANDREW J. WHITE, was built by Hugh Ramsey, for her owners, the Heipershausen Brothers, is 70.24 gt, with an 18 x 24” engine.
Tug DOUGLAS H. THOMAS. P. Dougherty & Co., was recently chartered for N. Y. Harbor and North River work.
Central RR of New Jersey’s tug RED ASH..
Atlantic Dredging Co. [R. G. Packard, president] has tugs BEE and C. C. WAITE. The WAITE was built by Ward Stanton & Co., at Newburgh.
Tug GEORGE W. PRIDE is towing ice barges for the Cheney-Morse Towing Co.

June 16, 1892
Pennsylvania RR’s tugs BRINTON, DELAWARE, RENOVA, and WILLIE..

June 23, 1892
Newtown Creek Towing Co’s ERIE..
Pennsylvania RR Co’s tug RENOVA. 194 tons, built for towing between South Amboy and Jersey City, is for sale. She was used up to this season.
John W. R. L’Hommedieu, now known as the Red Star Towing Line, has the C. F. ROE, and the new FLUSHING.
JAMES A. GARFIELD was sold to Timothy R. Lane for $8,000.
Richard Pearsall’s GOV. FENTON..

October 27, 1892
Up for inspection:
Tug JOHN DILLON, E. G. Bloomer, 59 Storm Ave., Jersey City
Tug SCANDINAVIAN, Lewis Luckenbach

November 3, 1892
Up for inspection:
Tug WILLIAM R. SHEFFIELD, Charles Weiant, Haverstraw

Baltimore: Baltimore parties are negotiating for the purchase of sidewheel steamer RIVER BELLE from her owners in New York. It is reported that the steamer GEORGE W. JOHNSON and several thousand dollars will be given in exchange for the RIVER BELLE. She will run to Fair-View in place of the JOHNSON, if purchased.

November 10, 1892
The sidewheel towboat CONNECTICUT has about ended her career. She was towed to Perth Amboy on Monday morning by the tug EMPEROR. She was purchased on November 2nd at U. S. Marshal’s sale by James Gregory for $1,850.
Baxter Wrecking Co. started to work Monday to raise the BLUE STONE which was swamped and sank on Saturday off Pier 8, East River.
For Sale: N. F. JONES, 60 x 14 x 5 feet. 14-1/2 x 16” engine, 5-1/2 x 10-1/2 boiler with 125# wp. Engine and boiler two years old. T. S. Marvel & Co., Newburgh.

November 17, 1892
The old Schuyler sidewheel towboat CORNELIUS VANDERBILT has been sold to the Beverwyck Towing Co. for $40,000, the AMERICA, NIAGARA, and SYRACUSE for $35,000 each, and the JACOB LEONARD for $20,000. The CONNECTICUT has been sold to be broken up.
“Paddy” Dwyer’s new tug MICHAEL J. COFFEY was around the harbor last week.
Baxter Wrecking Co. succeeded in getting the tug BLUESTONE raised this week.

Up for inspection:
DR. J. P. WHITBECK, E. D. Chappell, 354 Wythe Ave., Brooklyn.

November 24, 1892
Steamers CORNELIUS VANDERBILT, JACOB LEONARD, and NIAGARA will winter in the Harlem River.

December 1, 1892
Up for inspection:
Tug WILLIE, Joseph L. Hopkins, 165 Grand St., Jersey City
Tug N. B. STARBUCK, W. Brown, Brooklyn

December 8, 1892
Tug B. T. HAVILAND closed out [her charter] with the Ronan Towing Co. on Thursday and is now in Erie Basin.

December 15, 1892
Ronan’s VICTORIA started Monday night with a tow for Albany.
Up for inspection:
Tug PIONEER, J. F. Underhill, 36 Hudson Street, Jersey City
Tug TRITON, F. Luckenbach

December 22, 1892
New England news: Ross & Howell’s big tug BISMARCK will probably not go south this winter, but remain at Bucksport.
Beverwyck’s steamers AMERICA, CORNELIUS VANDERBILT, JACOB LEONARD, NIAGARA, and SYRACUSE are in winter quarters in the Harlem River.
M. Moran’s side-wheeler BELLE is in winter quarters at Court Street.

January 19, 1893
Albany notes:
Tug GEORGE WOOD is on LeRoux’s dock undergoing repairs to hull and joiner work.
Tug ALEX ROBERTSON, which was partially burned last summer, will be reconstructed.

January 26, 1893
The Cornell Towboat Co. have been working in the harbor. The tugs A. C. CHENEY, EDWIN TERRY, GEO. W. PRATT, IRA M. HEDGES, S. L. CROSBY, and WM. E. STREET are busy towing coal barges for the Delaware & Hudson and the Pennsylvania Railroad Companies.
Their tug COE F. YOUNG is laid up at the Bethune Street wharf, and tugs E. H. MEAD, GEO. W. WASHBURN, JOHN H. CORDTS, and the side-wheelers AUSTIN, GENERAL McDONALD, and OSWEGO are wintering at Rondout.

February 23, 1893
Tug GREENVILLE sank in the Passaic River last week.

March 2, 1893
Tug A. C. CHENEY, with her mammoth ice-breaker, broke the way to Rockland Lake. Some of the ice she encountered was 16 inches thick. She was assisted by S. L. CROSBY, who made fast against her stern and added to the CHENEY’s driving power. She has made 2 trips to Rockland Lake and brought down a number of ice-laden barges. On her last trip down she had to be assisted by the S. L. CROSBY as she had worn the blades of her wheel to the hub.
Tug EDWIN TERRY was laid up this week with her machinery disabled.

March 9, 1893
Up for inspection:
Tug C. E. EVARTS, Joseph Peck, 24 State St.

Upper Hudson Notes:
The keel for a new tug for the Ronan Line has been laid in the shipyard of Peter McGee, Athens. She will be 65’ overall, 7’ deep, 16-1/2’ beam, and 55’ on the keel. Her engines will be a high-pressure 16 x 18’. She will be employed around the Albany harbor and will bear the name MABEL.
A keel for another new tug, for Capt. James Scott, owner of the tug MAYFLOWER, has been laid at the shipyard of LeRoux & Boyer, of Albany. She will be 55’ overall, 12’ beam, 6’ deep, and 50’ on the keel. She will have a high-pressure engine 13 x 14”. The engine & boiler will be built by Skinner & Arnold of Albany.

March 23, 1893
Commodore Moran’s side-wheeler BELLE has received a new smokestack, 76’ high and 5 feet in diameter.

Up for inspection:
Tug BLUE STONE, C. W. Boyes, 235 E. 25th Street
Tug CYCLOPS, P. H. Marshall, Pier 1, North River

April 6, 1893
Hazzard & Brainard’s new tug is to be named WALLACE B. FLINT.
The side-wheel towboat PITTSTON, of the Cornell fleet, was stove in by ice on Rondout Creek.

April 20, 1893
Tug EMPIRE is now owned by Greenpoint Lightering Co.
U. S. Marshal Walker sold on Saturday the side-wheel towboats CARRIE and G. E. WINANTS. They were both purchased by M. Moran. The CARRIE, built at East Albany in 1867 brought $405. The WINANTS, built at New Brunswick in 1862 but rebuilt at Brooklyn some years ago, brought $445.
Moran’s BELLE has been put into 1st class shape and is now in better condition than she has for many years back. The Commodore will be able to furnish his many patrons with suitable excursion boats by his recent purchase of CARRIE and G. E. WINANTS.

April 27, 1893
Up for inspection:
N. F. JONES, W. Brainard, 346 E. 20th Street

Tug CORA, of Albany, with a 12 x 13” engine, was on the East River Saturday. She has been purchased by R. W. Mathews of Philadelphia for Cuban parties.
Two tugs were ready for launching at New Baltimore on Saturday. One, 60 x 14’ with a 14 x 18” high-pressure engine, is for Charles Lodge of West Troy. The other, powered by an 16 x 18” engine, is for Ward & Pratt, also of West Troy.

May 4, 1893
Sidewheeler CARRIE has been purchased by the Gregory’s and has been taken to Amboy to be broken up.

May 11, 1893
The handsome little steel tug JAMES J. LOGAN, built by T. S. Marvel at Newburgh, was down here last week taking the dredge SARATOGA to Rockaway Inlet. The LOGAN has a fore and aft compound engine of 9-1/2, 14 x 12”. She is commanded by Captain William Coleman.
The Beverwyck Towing Co. started their first tow of the season up the Hudson Wednesday with the sidewheel steamer SYRACUSE.

May 18, 1893
Steamer RIVER BELLE is to be placed on the Rondout and Kingston route.

May 25, 1893
Lew Pulver’s tug C. E. EVARTS was at Hoboken for general overhaul.
Commodore Moran started his pet, the BELLE, up the Hudson Monday night with a good-sized tow. Cornell’s OSWEGO also started off the same evening with a good floating village trailing astern of her.

June 1, 1893
The large tug B. T. HAVILAND is under charter to Ronan’s Line. The B. T. HAVILAND left for Albany Monday afternoon to relieve the E. HEIPERSHAUSEN in Ronan’s Line.

June 8, 1893
J. H. Gregory has the side-wheeler CARRIE for sale.
Barrett’s tug W. E. CHENEY..

June 15, 1893
Tug CLARA tows a number of the Haverstraw fleet of barges.
Tug GEORGE W. PRATT had a bad leak in her sleeve Monday night and had to go on the mud at Hoboken to prevent her from filling as there was no drydock available at the time.
Up for inspection: Tug CARRIE, J. M. Stevens, Port Richmond

June 22, 1893
Up for inspection:
Tug TOM S. WOTKYNS, Matt. Clancy, Grassy Point, NY
Tug HARVEY W. TEMPLE, T. J. Leavey, 12 South Street

June 29, 1893
Tug E. HEIPERSHAUSEN, of Ronan’s Line, arrived from Albany Monday with 38 boats in tow.
Tugs E. HEIPERSHAUSEN and B. T. HAVILAND have been libelled by the “Czar of Russia” for $8,000 on suspicion of having fouled and damaged the warship DIMITRI DONSKI on the night of June 4th.
Tug HARVEY W. TEMPLE was sold last week to the owners of the tug CITY OF LYNN, Campbell Towing Line, for $4,000.

July 6, 1893
Up for inspection: Tug SAMMIE, William Reeves, 87 Dey Street
Tug WALLACE B. FLINT has been launched.

July 20, 1893
Albany Notes: The new tug MABEL of the Ronan Line made her initial trip last Thursday. She made a run to Athens, averaging 14 mph.

August 3, 1893
Steamboating between Albany and Coxsackie is becoming unsafe, as it is not an uncommon sight to see 5 or 6 steamboats and a number of barges lying high and dry in the channel.

August 10, 1893
Campbell’s towing fleet now consists of the tugs CITY OF LYNN, GENERAL NEWTON, and HARVEY W. TEMPLE.
Up for inspection: JONTY JENKS, Richard Parrott, Port Jefferson.

Albany Notes:
Tug NETTIE burned to the water’s edge last Friday. The crew had a narrow escape. The tug was owned by William Pratt, of Troy, and was insured for $2,500.
Steamer AMERICA and tow, bound up, and steamer GENERAL McDONALD and tow, bound down, came together last Monday evening off Dunderberg Mountain causing considerable damage to boats in both tows.

August 17, 1893
Up for inspection: Tug WILLIAM COLEMAN, Charles F. Engels, Haverstraw

August 24, 1893
Ronan operates 11 boats: ELLEN M. RONAN, G. C. ADAMS, KOMUK, MABEL, OSCEOLA, POCAHONTAS, PONTIAC, SARANAC, VICTORIA, including two chartered boats: B. T. HAVILAND and E. HEIPERSHAUSEN. A. P. Wood is Ronan’s New York agent.

August 31, 1893
The dismantled hull of the towboat SANDY is lying in Rondout Creek.
The DR. J. P. WHITBECK is in the charge of U. S. Marshal Walker.
Tug E. C. BAKER is being towed from Quebec to this port by tug E. L. LEVY for repairs. They were at Provincetown for coal on Monday.

September 7, 1893
Tug CARRIE tows on the Hackensack.
Tugs E. C. BAKER and E. L. LEVY arrived here Friday from Plattsburgh via the Saint Lawrence River. They are to tow for the Beverwyck Towing Co. The fleet of Beverwyck, in addition to the BAKER and LEVY, are FLORENCE, GLEN IRIS, HAZEL DELL, JACOB LEONARD, NIAGARA, RESTLESS, and SYRACUSE. This company send out a tow daily with the exception of Sunday from New York, and a tow every day from Albany.

September 21, 1893
Tug DR. J. P. WHITBECK was sold by Marshal Walker on Saturday to Morris & Cummings Dredging Co. for $1,050.

September 28, 1893
Uncle Sammy’s tug GOLDEN RAY, rebuilt from the MEDINA, for a long time a Newburgh tug, is in commission.
Up for inspection: tug JAMES T. EASTON, C. F. Harris, 20 South Street

October 5, 1893
Skinner & Arnold of Albany are to build a light draft tug for towing on the upper Hudson. Her dimension are to be 56 x 14.6 x 5.5’, drawing 4’8”, with an engine 13 x 14”, and a boiler 9.3 x 5’. This firm was also builders of the tugs D. F. SKINNER, J. ARNOLD, MABEL, and THOMAS CHUBB.

October 12, 1893
Tug MERCEDES was slightly damaged by fire off the Highlands on Saturday. Tug BEN towed her to New York.
Jefferson McCausland, at Rondout, is building a tug named FRANK for Cornell. She is to be 80 x 17.5 x 7.5’ with an 18” engine built by Cornell.

November 2, 1893
Up for inspection: MICHAEL J. COFFEY, Patrick Millan

November 9, 1893
Up for inspection:

November 16, 1893
Up for inspection: tug DR. J. P. WHITBECK, Chas. Suffer. 550 Wythe Ave. Brooklyn [app agent for Morris & Cummings]

November 23, 1893
Up for inspection: Tug JOHN DILLON, W. H. Van Pelt, Port Richmond

December 14, 1893
Commodore Moran has hauled the BELLE up at the foot of Court Street.

January 4, 1894
The Albany tug CHARLES W. RUSSELL is running around the harbor. She is a natty boat and was turned out at Wm. H. Baldwin’s yard, New Baltimore, in June last. She is 65 x 16 x 7’ with a 16 x 14” engine.

January 18, 1894
Perth Amboy Notes: Gregory did some heavy blasting on the old side-wheel tug CONNECTICUT on Friday.

Up for inspection: Tug WM. E. FERGUSON, Wm. E. Ferguson, Producer Exchange [Mutual Co.]

February 15, 1894
Up for inspection: Tug CYCLOPS, P. H. Marshall, Pier 5, North River

March 1, 1894
Tug GEORGIANNA of Perth Amboy Towing Line is out of commission.

March 15, 1894
Cornell’s stakeboat EUREKA was docked for a general caulking.
Up for inspection: C. E. EVARTS, J. G. Emmons, 24 State Street

March 29, 1894
The Ronan and Moran Towing Companies towed in the up-river trade of 1893, 16,500 boats, their aggregate tonnage amounted to 4,950,000 tons.

April 19, 1894
History of the RIVER BELLE:
The steamboat RIVER BELLE which recently sank in the Highlands of the Hudson River, was formerly known as L. BOARDMAN and CRICKET. An accident occurred on her way to T. S. Marvel’s yard at Newburgh to be overhauled. Workmen were put onboard to work on her before she got to Newburgh. These workmen accidently broke a pipe between a seacock and a seachest. BELLE went down in 100 to 125 feet of water. She was owned by Fred. Jansen of Brooklyn. Originally built in 1846 in New York as CRICKET, she ran during her first year between New York and Norwalk with the steamboat CATALINE. In 1847 she plied for a while between New York and Greenwood Cemetery. She was employed at various routes until 1862 when she partially burned at Harlem. She was then converted into a Sandy Hook towboat and renamed L. BOARDMAN. After this she was again rebuilt as a passenger boat and about 1870 ran between Catskill, Hudson, and Albany. She was then bought by W. O. Mailler and Capt. D. C. Woolsey who ran her between Sing Sing, Haverstraw, and Newburgh in place of the G. T. OLYPHANT. She ran between Haverstraw and Newburgh for a long time. In 1883 she was rebuilt and renamed RIVER BELLE. Soon after this she was replaced by the EMELINE on the Haverstraw and Newburgh route. RIVER BELLE was then used as a spare boat, and for excursions. Capt. Woolsey sold her in 1887 to Danville Railroad Company and she ran on the James River for one season. In 1888 she ran between Harlem and New York, and at another time between New York and Roslyn. After having been laid up in Erie Basin for some time, she was sold last year by Capt. Thomas Pitt to Capt. Jansen. With numerous improvements, like electric lights, she was placed on the Catskill and Albany Line where she ran all season. She measures 138’9” x 21’ x 7’2”, 121.12 gt, 6-.56 net. She was not a fast boat. She was raised by the Chapman Wrecking Co. on Thursday, temporarily beached at Peekskill, then taken to Tietjen & Lang’s drydock at Hoboken. Her seacock had been broken open.

April 26, 1894
Troy Line steamer BELLE HORTON..
The side-wheelers CORNELIUS VANDERBILT and JACOB LEONARD are laid up at Tompkinsville.
Beverwyck has the following boats in commission: CHARLES E. RUSSELL, E. C. BAKER, E. L. LEVY, GLEN IRIS, HAZEL DELL, and WALTER W. BETTS. The DELL and BETTS are on the upper end. Towboats AMERICA, NIAGARA, SYRACUSE, and tug RESTLESS will be placed in commission on the opening of the canal.

May 10, 1894
Tug C. J. SAXE is laid up on the Hudson below Smith’s Landing.

June 28, 1894
New tug FRANK of the Cornell Line has an 18 x 18” engine.
Tug HARVEY W. CAMPBELL is owned by Campbell Towing Line.
Up for inspection: tug TOM S. WOTKYNS, Philip Goldrich, Haverstraw

August 16, 1894
The sidewheeler G. E. WINANTS is still laid up at Court Street.

August 23, 1894
Up for inspection: Tug WILLIAM COLEMAN, Chas, F. Engels, Haverstraw
Lew Pulver’s tug C. E. EVARTS..
Vessels registered:
HARRY, of Albany, 49 gt, 32 net
PETER D. HERSHEY, of Buffalo, 14 gt, 7 net

September 13, 1894
Moran has laid up his BELLE. He is unwilling to keep his boat going against the Cornell Co. who have seen fit to cut the rate to a ruinous figure.
Towboat NIAGARA went ashore near Esopus last week. She is thought to be so badly strained that she cannot be used any more. She was launched by Collyer on 26 February 1845. She measures 251 x 30 x 9 feet, 739 tons old measure. She was built for the New York, Albany, and Troy Line to run as a day boat with steamer TROY. After she repaired because of her accident of July 31, 1847, she ran daily to Bridgeport in connection with the Housatonic Railroad.
“Towboat Rivalry on the Hudson.”
Beverwyck, formerly Schuyler, was taken by the creditors of Capt. Schuyler in payment for a large debt, and anxious to settle, took the Cornell offer.
Ronan, whose ramrod died 10 years ago, is now only in business as long as there is sufficient business. Ronan is waiting to sell out after this bad season.

September 20, 1894
Towboat NIAGARA, previously reported as broken in two, was practically uninjured. She is apparently good for many more years.

October 4, 1894
The Hudson River rate war has ended, Ronan and Cornell coming into agreement to dispatch tows on alternate days. Moran has placed his BELLE back in the trade.

October 11, 1894
Tug FRED J. FENNER is towing on the Harlem River.

November 1, 1894
The new Albany tug PAUL LE ROUX, built at the Hudson River drydock yard, was launched last week. She is 65 x 15 x 7 feet, has a high pressure engine 16 x 16”

November 8, 1894
Capt. Fred Luckenbach sold his tug TRITON and the barges ESOPUS and TIVOLI at Boston on Monday to Morse & Co. for $48,000.
Moran’s side-wheeler BELLE and tug F. W. VOISBURGH are finding good business in Hudson River towing.

November 15, 1894
Up for inspection: tug DR. J. P. WHITBECK, H. H. Petze, 22 State Street

November 30, 1894
Capt. James Hitchcock, of the tug SKINNER, will, during the coming winter, have a tug constructed for him. When completed, the tug will draw but 4 feet of water. 55 x 16 x 5.5 feet. The boiler will be taken from the old packet boat F. P. SMITH which plied these waters several years ago.
Freight propeller CLARENCE has the boiler from the tug W. E. STREET.

December 13, 1894
Moran’s BELLE and G. E. WINANTS are laid up at Court Street. The latter is for sale.

January 3, 1895
Cornell’s fleet, which will tow around here for the winter, are the tugs COE F. YOUNG, IRA M. HEDGES, R. G. TOWNSEND, S. L. CROSBY, and W. E. STREET.

March 14, 1895
Up for inspection:
C. E. EVARTS, H. H. Martin, 24 South Street

April 4, 1895
Tug ERIE, Capt. Dan Conroy, which has been working in the harbor during the winter, left for Albany on Saturday night.

April 18, 1895
The old hulk FRANCISCO GARGUILO, which served as a store house for the Chapman Wrecking Co., is being converted into a stakeboat at Hoboken for the Cornell Towing Co.

April 25, 1895
Up for inspection: E. L. LEVY, Thomas Quigley, 33 Coenties Slip.

May 23, 1895
G. E. WINANTS is still for sale.

June 27, 1895
Tug MONTAUK, built for Long Island Railroad by Jackson & Sharp, of white oak, machinery by Neafie & Levy, with a 20, 36 x 26” engine, 121.98 gross tons.

November 14, 1895
The OX [steam lighter?] does not waste any steam by blowing her whistle during a fog; her exhaust gives a sufficient warning of her proximity.
Tug MABEL [there are 2 MABEL’s] tows for Hartford & New York Transportation Co.

November 21, 1895
Tugs MABEL and VICTORIA, of the Ronan Line, were at the Elysian Machine Works for machinery repairs.

November 28, 1895
Tug B. T. HAVILAND is up for sale by the U. S. Marshal.
M. H. Gregory, who purchased the side-wheel steamer G. E. WINANT, will overhaul her at Cow Bay, Long Island.
The police of the patrol boat sent out the following general alarm Tuesday: “Stolen – Tugboat SMITH PETTIT, 58 feet long, black smokestack, letter R on smokestack, red pilot-house, yellow panels in door, hull painted black, name in white letters on each side of stern and pilot-house.”
Beverwyck Towing’s steamer has been hauled up at Rondout for the winter.
Tug WILLIE of Pennsylvania RR was out on Gokey’s dock on Tuesday for a new shaft and other repairs.
Up for inspection: Tug WILLIE, E. Schuyler

Tug of the Week: E. C. BAKER
The powerful tug E. C. BAKER has for the past two seasons plied as a towboat on the line between New York and Albany. She was built in Philadelphia by Neafie & Levy in 1889 for the Lake Champlain Transportation Co. for service on Lake Champlain. Engine 20, 40 x 26”. Steel scotch boiler 12.5 x 12’ with 3 furnaces. 153.65 gt, 76.83 net. The BAKER left Philadelphia for Champlain in July 1889 and went there via the St. Lawrence and Richelieu Rivers. Two seasons ago, she came to New York with the E. L. LEVY and since has been used in the Hudson River towing business in the Beverwyck-Cornell Line.

December 12, 1895
Tug PIONEER is back from Newburgh, where she was employed during the Fall season.

December 19, 1895
Capt. Frank McArdle, superintendent of the Ronan Towing Co., went up the Hudson with the last tow of the ’95 season last week. The tow was small, but the three tugs ARTHUR, ELLEN M. RONAN, and VICTORIA had a hard time to get it through to Albany owing to the heavy ice which had formed throughout the upper part of the Hudson. The Ronan fleet of tugs is composed of the G. C. ADAMS, KOMUK, MABEL, OSCEOLA, POCAHONTAS at winter quarters at Marvel’s at Newburgh. The others, ARTHUR, ELLEN M. RONAN, SARANAC, and VICTORIA are at Albany.
Ronan’s river barges DISPATCH, FRANKLIN EDSON, and WELCOME are under charter to the N. Y. C. & Hudson River RR Co., and the barge AUSTIN is chartered for the paving stone trade from Long Island Sound ports.

January 2, 1896
C. W. STANDART is owned by Kuper Brothers.

January 9, 1896
Tug HARVEY W. TEMPLE is receiving a new engine from the Elysian Machine Works.

January 16, 1896
Tug MABEL is laid up at the Hartford Line pier, Peck Slip.

February 20, 1896
Boston Notes: Capt. Haley Appleton has purchased at U. S. Marshal’s sale, the tug WM. E. CLEARY which ran into a ferry in the harbor some time ago. She was formerly owned by Messrs Perkins and White. She will be used in harbor work.

April 1, 1896
The Ronan fleet is in good shape. The OSCEOLA had her engine rebuilt. G. C. ADAMS was thoroughly overhauled and fitted with a new pilot house. KOMUK is being fitted with a new boiler from the Lake Erie Boiler Works. SARANAC had a general overhaul. VICTORIA had a general overhaul and a new pilot house. ELLEN M. RONAN has had her hull rebuilt and received a new pilot house and part of her main house. Tugs ARTHUR, P. C. RONAN, and POCAHONTAS have been overhauled throughout.
Navigation on the Hudson opened Monday. Tugs GEO. W. WASHBURN and JOHN H. CORDTS, of Cornell, took down a tow.

April 9, 1896
Tug WILLIE of the Pennsylvania RR has an entire new bow after her collision with steamer EMPRESS which had sunk the WILLIE.
Brown & Fleming has chartered the tug B. T. HAVILAND.

April 16, 1896
Tug G. W. WRIGHT is painting up at the Atlantic Docks. She is under charter to the International Dredging Company for their work at Albany.

April 23, 1896
Tugs HUDSON and MICHAEL J. COFFEY have been chartered to the International Dredging Company. They will be employed towing scows to and from the company’s works at Albany.

April 30, 1896
The Ronan and Beverwyck Towing Companies are sending out their Albany tows on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.
Up for inspection:
Tug EMPIRE, J. H. Barnett
Tug WILLIE, D. C. Chase [PRR Raritan Canal fleet]

May 7, 1896
Tug E. HEIPERSHAUSEN is back from Norfolk and is laid up in Erie Basin.
Kuper’s C. W. STANDART completed extensive repairs.

May 14, 1896
The side-wheeler AMERICA of the Beverwyck Towing Co. took her first tow of the season up the Hudson on Saturday night.
Tug of the week: MICHAEL J. COFFEY, owned by Mary T. Millan, built in 1892 at west Troy, NY, with a 17 x 22” engine, boiler by Heipershausen in 1886, 62.09 gt.

May 21, 1896
Steamer GENERAL McDONALD struck an old dock at Englewood during a dense fog on Friday [5/15] morning and filled. She was floated the following day by the Baxter Wrecking Co. and drydocked at Hoboken at Tietjen & Lang. Also there are Cornell’s THOMAS P. FOWLER and W. E. STREET for repairs and COE F. YOUNG and EDWIN TERRY for wheels.
Tug GEO. W. WASHBURN has painted up and looks A-1 in every respect.
Side-wheeler towboat SYRACUSE is out for the season.
Up for inspection:
Tug VOLUNTEER, J. Murray.

June 4, 1896
Tug of the Week:
PONTIAC was originally built for the now defunct Schuyler Line to act as a tender for the side-wheelers. Built in 1881 by Devine Burtis of Brooklyn. Her engine, 24 x 22” is #98 by W. & A. Fletcher. Her boiler, 7.5 x 14’, is also by Fletcher. Laid up for several seasons by Schuyler. Purchased this spring by Murray’s Line and has been towing that company’s barges between New York and Albany, a distance of 150 miles. There are four barges in the line. PONTIAC leaves New York every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday evenings with one of them in tow. She makes the trip with a loaded barge in about 18 hours.

June 18, 1896
Tug of the Week:
WILLIAM E. FERGUSON is owned by the Mutual Co. Formerly QUAKER CITY of Schuyler’s Line; was one of the
nattiest on the Hudson River. She was almost entirely rebuilt in 1892 and was renamed at that time. Originally built by Neafie & Levy in 1873 with a hull of white oak and yellow pine. 71.85 gross tons, 44.73 net, engine 22 x 26”. Boiler built in 1886 by J. H. Dialogue. She makes 12 mph with an 8-foot 4-bladed prop. Licensed for 80 passengers. Ferguson is the president of the Mutual Co.

June 18, 1896
The Ronan Towing & Barge Line has purchased the barges H. P. LORD and IDA. They will be placed in the stone trade. The Albany tow, in charge of tug OSCEOLA, encountered a heavy storm when off Stuyvesant on the 11th. The tow was blown ashore and the barges CAPT. TIM RAFFERTY and DOUGHERTY BROS. were sunk.

July 2, 1896
The veteran steamboat BELLE has been towed to Perth Amboy and will be broken up.

July 9, 1896
Tug H. D. MOULD, recently built at Athens, was around the canal slips last week.

July 16, 1896
The natty tug JAMES J. LOGAN is down from Newburgh and is towing for the Collyer Bros. Her captain and owner is
William Coleman of Newburgh.

Aug. 6, 1896
The new tug H. D. MOULD is sporting a very well-designed horse on her pilot house. She is engaged in towing ice
barges between Gildersleeve Landing, Ct., and the ice depot at the foot of Jackson Street.

August 13, 1896
Up for inspection:
Tug HARVEY W. TEMPLE, Campbell Towing Co.
Tug GEORGIANA, A. B. Smith of Perth Amboy.

Tug ELLEN M. RONAN has replaced the Ronan tug MABEL at this end of the route between New York and Albany,
MABEL now being employed in the upper end of the route.

September 17, 1896
Side-wheeler GENERAL McDONALD, once one of “Jerry Austin’s mules”, brought down a large tow from Albany for Beverwyck Towing Co. on Monday.

October 1, 1896
Tug S. L. CROSBY returned from Rondout on friday after receiving a general overhaul.
Tug R. G. TOWNSEND left for Rondout with a tow on Saturday night. She will receive a general overhauling there.
Tug TERROR is doing harbor work with ice barges.

October 8, 1896
Tug of the Week: DE VAUX POWEL, formerly JAMES T. EASTON. She is practically a new boaat since rebuilt by Burlee Drydock Co. at Port Richmond about six weeks ago. Her engine was rebuilt by W. J. Davidson of Port Richmond, who also supplied a new boiler. 61.25 gt, 41.65 net. Owned by Harris Towing & Transportation Co. As EASTON she was a well-known tug on the Hudson River, “being attached to the Schuyler Line,” and was employed by that company as a helper to the large towboats until the line went out of existence. For several years she has run about the harbor, and partially burned last winter in the East River. Her former tonnage was 42.55 gt, 21.28 nt. She was built in New Baltimore in 1873.

Steamer WILLIAM C. REDFIELD and tug EDWIN TERRY collided off West Point on the 30th. The REDFIELD had to be beached at Cold Spring. TERRY received only slight damage.

October 15, 1896
“An attempt was made early on Tuesday of last week to blow up the tugboat PETER D. HERSHEY, of Tonawanda, at Troy. Powder was thrown down the smokestack. The stack and smoke box were blown away and the deck was damaged. The boat was recently brought to the Hudson to engage in a tug-rate war.”

October 29, 1896
Tug E. HEIPERSHAUSEN, which has been laid up for some time past, will be painted up this week.
Advertisement for a new steel tug by T. S. Marvel, Newburgh: 50 x 14 x 5’, 12 x 12” engine, $6,000.
Up for inspection:
Tug WILLIE, E. Schuyler
Tug ANTHRACITE, P. J. Tuttle, 6 Hudson Street, Jersey City.

November 19, 1896
Tug A. C. CHENEY, of the Cornell Line, has been put into winter quarters at Port Ewen. Several of the old Cheney tugs are there.

November 26, 1896
CHARLES S. MANY, a neat tug and one of the best known on the upper Hudson, burned off Pleasure Island between Albany and Troy on the 19th instant. She was owned by Capt. Barber of Rondout.

The steam yacht BESSIE which formerly plied between Catskill and Hudson, and later Hudson and Coxsackie, has been sold by Capt. George H. Power to Capt. Hill, of New York, who will put the little vessel on a route between New York and Ward’s island, where she will convey the workmen employed on the island to and from New York.

December 3, 1896
Austin Barber’s tug CHARLES S. MANY, which burned near Albany a short time ago, will prove a total loss. It was first thought that the machinery and hull could be used again, but it has been learned that the machinery has been ruined. The wrecked tug was built at New Baltimore in 1878. The gross tonnage was 47.10 and she ranked as one of the best towing tugs about Albany. The boat was insured for $2,900 in the Marine Underwriter’s Association of New York.

December 10, 1896
The old sidewheel towboat AMERICA, famous in her day as the most powerful tug on the Hudson River, is being rapidly dismantled at Gregory’s beach at the mouth of the Raritan River. Alongside of her is all that remains of the once beautiful steamboat BELLE, built in 1836.

The last Ronan tow for the season left Albany on the 6th. Ronan tugs ARTHUR, ELLEN M. RONAN, G. C. ADAMS, MABEL, and SARANAC will lay up for repairs and the winter in Albany. POCAHONTAS will be laid up at Newburgh for the winter.

Tug MAYFLOWER, one of the oldest on the upper Hudson, burned in the little basin at Albany on December 1st. Although originally built 33 years ago, she was in first-class condition, as she had a new boiler two years ago and the hull had been rebuilt. She was owned by Capt. James Scott, of Bath, NY.

The tugs D. F. SKINNER and P. C. RONAN at Albany have been left by the will of the late Joel Hitchcock to his two sons, who have been commanding them for some time.

December 17, 1896
Cornell’s towboat GENERAL McDONALD has been laid up at Rondout for the season.
Towboat A. B. VALENTINE will be hauled out for repairs sometime this month at one of the New York drydocks.
Towboat SILAS O. PIERCE, at Rondout, has just been furnished with a new 20-ton boiler, which was built at the Cornell shops.

December 24, 1896
Murray Line tug PONTIAC quit work for the season on the 18th.

Tug of the Week: GEORGIANNA owned by Easton and Amboy Railroad Co. Originally owned by George Fouratt. Designed and built by Lewis Hoagland at New Brunswick in 1871 for use around the New Brunswick area. She was purchased in 1879 by her present owners and has been used in moving coal barges and canal boats and assembling tows at Perth Amboy. She was rebuilt in 1882 by A. C. Brown of Tottenville. She has a non-condensing 14 x 14” engine built in 1871 by A. L. Archambault of Philadelphia. Her present boiler was built in 1893 by D. M. Nichols of New York. She consumes 150 pounds of anthracite coal per hour. 20.8 gt, 10.54 net. When trim, her speed is 8 mph.

February 11, 1897
The well-known tug G. C. ADAMS is receiving an extensive rebuild at Albany.
Capt. G. N. Milliken left for New Bedford on Monday to bring on the tug VOLUNTEER which he has purchased. She was built at Bordentown, NJ, in 1888.

March 11 (?), 1897
Tug of the Week: EMPIRE, built originally for Empire Towing & Lighterage Co. by Wentworth Allen in Athens. Presently owned by the Barnett Brothers who purchased her from Greenpoint Lighterage in 1894 who had owned her for some time. She originally cost $10,000 and was fitted at Bird’s yard, Greenpoint. Her engine is 17 x 17” by John J. Hayes. She originally had the engine, boiler and house of tug MOHAWK, but now has a water-tube boiler by A. H. Rodie & Co. measuring 12.5 by 11’. 41.31 gt, 20.66 net.

April 1, 1897
Tug FRANK is the ferret for Rondout tows. She can be seen in every corner of the port hooking out boats for the evening tow.
The old tug MAYFLOWER, which has been undergoing extensive alterations at Le Roux’s shipyard in Albany, has been re-christened JAMES H. SCOTT. She will be one of the best boats on the upper Hudson when she comes out.
The fleet of tugs belonging to the Ronan Towing Line, with the exception of the ARTHUR, KOMUK, and MABEL, which are the private property of Parker Ronan, have been sold to President Morse of the Consolidated Ice Co., of Maine, which, within the past year, absorbed all the big ice companies of New York City, including the old Knickerbocker Ice Co. The vessels sold include the big two-piper tugs OSCEOLA and POCAHONTAS. [Also the tugs ELLEN M. RONAN, G. C. ADAMS, SARANAC, and VICTORIA

April 8, 1897
Tug T. A. BRIGGS will spend the summer at Stuyvesant with the International Dredging Company. They sent up four of their large dredges in the Rondout tow last week.

April 22, 1897
The Consolidated Towing Line, which has succeeded the Ronan Towing Line, has a fine suite of offices at No. 15 South Street, where the well-known steamboat manager Frank McArdle is in charge. The tugs of the new line are the ELLEN M. RONAN, G. C. ADAMS, OSCEOLA, POCAHONTAS, SARANAC, and VICTORIA.
The Murray Barge Line between this port and Albany and Troy has absorbed the Ronan Line engaged in the same route.
Tug P. C. RONAN is engaged in towing ice barges for H. D. Mould.
Parker C. Ronan’s tug KOMUK will engage in harbor towing with Thomas Farrell as agent.
The Saugerties tug H. L. FINGER was down to Jersey City on Monday with two ice-barges. She is owned by Charles McNally of Saugerties.

May 27, 1897
The small Albany tug SARATOGA was in the harbor on Saturday [May 22].
Up for inspection: Tug CONQUEROR, Cornell Steamboat Co.
The Albany tug CHARLES C. MENEELY has been sold by her owners, Brown & Warner, for $3,500 for use in New York Harbor.

July 22, 1897
Capt. Joe Laughlin made good sales recently. He sold the tugs B. T. HAVILAND and E. HEIPERSHAUSEN to Breyman Bros. of Toledo, Ohio. The tugs will be used in towing mud in Boston Harbor.
CHARLES C. MENEELY is now owned by the Hudson Tow Boat Co.

October 7, 1897
Tug MANHATTAN is towing up the Hudson for Ronan’s Towing Line [?].
Tug H. D. MOULD is towing mud on the Delaware.
Tug ELLEN M. RONAN is towing ice-barges for the Mould Ice Co., at the foot of Jackson Street.
The side-wheel steamer GENERAL McDONALD arrived here on Friday from up the river. She had been aground at Greenbush for nearly a week. Tug MANHATTAN and the McDONALD had a contest for the right-of-way and after their tows had broken away, the McDONALD was forced ashore.

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