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Above and below arel photos of the Alice E. built for Egan Marine in Lemont, IL. The Alice E. is now owned by American Marine of Manitowoc, WI (last I knew) they purchased her from Egan in 94. Egan purchased her from Bisso in 1990 where she was named the Capt. Bud. The model resides in the corp. offices of Egan Marine in Lemont. All the mast lights, towing lights, navigation lights and deck lights are powered and light with a switch at the rear of the model’s case. The model is 1/2' = 1’ 0” with a fiberglass hull and the rest in styrene sheet and brass. The tires were molded in plastic from a master as 1/2" scale aircraft tires are not otherwise available. All the handrails are silver solder brass as are the winch hand wheels and door locking wheels. The interior of the pilothouse is fully detailed but I never got any photographs of the interior before I closed it up.

The model was commissioned by Danny Egan for Dennis’ 1994 Christmas present. It was delivered to him on Christmas Eve about 3 weeks after he sold the boat to American Marine! Model and photos by Kurt Van Dahm.

Mark Rooney Model.
Krista R. 24" ( 1/24 scale) scratch built. 60" sand scow loaded with Long Island beach sand.
Fred Reep Model.
MORANIA No 10 made from Revell's Lucky XI. Fred Reep Model


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