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The Lower Mississippi

Gauntlet. Lake Charles. Rudi Rabe Photo.
Butler J. Naquin
Baroid 107
Here is the L. E. STEWART in all its glory. They could probably hold a polka party for 200 in the pilothouse. The photo is undated, nor is there a photographer's stamp on the back for location, but I would guess, judging by all the boxes, she is on her initial voyage to the North Sea. It does have a small tow wire strung out.
I have no spec sheet only something from the ABS Bulletin when they still published them monthly. Here is what I have:
175 x 77 x 24, 5,700 hp. (Probably a pair of GM 16-645E5 engines), keel laid 3-7-74, launched 10-15-74 and completed 4-5-75. Built McDermott Shipyard, Morgan City, for J. Ray McDermott & Co., Inc., New Orleans.
Sold by McDermott to Panama flag Oct. 1979. Dan Owen.
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