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The Upper Chesapeake

Harry Hays' tug "Big Boy" backing out of the Foot of Broadway...early 1980's..81 or 82... Allen Baker Photo.
Justine McAllister" coming alongside an inbound ship...Baltimore...early 1980's. Allen Baker Photo.
Pictured is the big tug "Anthony P. ST Philip" at the Foot of Broadway, Baltimore. 1980 or 81in an almost unrecognizable (today) Fells Point. Blocked from view by the "Anthony P." is the offices of Vane Brothers Ship Chandlers. Abaft the "A.P." looks to be Harry Hays' tug "Big Boy". Allen Baker Photo.
The tug "John E. McAllister" at the City Pier (Recreation Pier) Baltimore. My guess is late 1980 or 1981, it was not too long after McAllister took over Baker-Whitely. Allen Baker Photo.
Vane Brother's Tug Nanticoke. Jim Demske Photo. 2005
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