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New York City Area - K-Sea

These pictures are of the Houma & Banda Sea working together shifting the cooling towers for a power plant in Astoria Queens NY. The barge they were moving was tandem towed by the Katharine Weeks to NY. Captain Bill Morrissey decided to go old school with the Houma and use gate lines to transit the Berkley Bridge.
Pictures by Bernie Casey
Baltic Sea
Bering Sea
Coral Sea
Norwegian Sea. Don Sutherland Photo. 2005

Timor Sea (ex-Little Curtis)
81.25' / 75.0' x 24.0' x 9.1' built 1960 by Equitable Equipment.; New Orleans, LA and reportedly rebuilt 1996.
G / NRT 152 / 103.
2 x CAT 3512 total 2,000BHP. CAT 7251 gears.
5-blade 74" x 48" props on 7" dia shafts.
1-75kW / GM4-71 and 1-48kW / GM3-71 generators

Bernie Casey Photo.

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