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The Great Lakes

Tug Seneca in Duluth breaking out the Roger Blough after winter lay-up. Taken 3-22-05 by Franz von Riedel
Seneca. Franz VonRiedel Photo.
Above: Great Lakes Towing Company's NORTH CAROLINA (1952), which was the old U.S. Steel tug LIMESTONE and later Gaelic's WICKLOW until the buy-out.

She and the NORTH DAKOTA pulled on the steamer RESERVE for about 2 hours (ship working its wheel too) until she finally broke free from the ice.March 24, 2005. Franz VonRiedel Photos.
The Great Lakes Towing Company's KENTUCKY (1929), a little too much water in the bow, with a tow line on CSL's ATLANTIC HURON, inbound for the Fuel Dock. March 24, 2005. Franz VonReidel Photo.
The GLT tugs NORTH DAKOTA (1910) and North Carolina (1952) assist the Oglebay Norton steamer RESERVE (1953) out of the shipyard for another season of work. March 24, 2005. Franz VonRiedel Photo.
The SENECA (of course, the ex-Mary L. McAllister, 1939) busting her way into Howard's Pocket to pull out the steamer John G. Munson (1952). Franz Von Riedel Photo.
SENECA (1939) assists the Str. ARTHUR M. ANDERSON (1952) out of Howard's Pocket stern first. The Anderson received a blast to bare metal this year in the dry dock and an extensive coat of fresh paint. March 25, 2005.

She was the ship that was following the famed EDMUND FITZGERALD the night she went down. Franz VonRiedel Photo.

The former GLD&D tender PEACH STATE (1961) is now working for MCM Marine and wintered in town to complete an environmental dredging job in 05. Franz VonRiedel Photo.
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