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Delaware and Pennsylvania

Caspian - Independent Pier purchase her from the insurance company where is, as is, which was the bottom of the Schuylkill River off of Pier 3 Girard Point . She was sliced by a ships propeller. Above is a picture of her at the shipyard after been raised. Bernie Martin Photo.
The raising of the Caspian. Bernie Martin Photo.
Slices from a propeller that sank the Caspian. Bernie Martin Photo.
P.F. Martin. Bernie Martin Photo.
P. F. Martin tug Arabian. Not sure about all the men onboard, from time to time they would do crew changes to vessels in anchorage. Bernie Martin. dave Boone Photo.
ST STONEY POINT taken in March 2005 in Leipsic, Delaware. Carey Marine had just installed a new generator. Mark Rooney Photo.
Above and Below: Here's a few of the IRVING F. ROSS. The first one is an old magazine photo that appeared in Motorship & Diesel Boating, June, 1941. She retained her original name when she was bought by Barney Carlsen in 1970's and worked on the Delaware River. The second shot is dated 13 Nov 1972. IRVING sank in the area of the back channel of the Phila. Navy Yard in 1978. Thelast is of her remains after being raised in Dec., 1978. Dave Boone.
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