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Joseph P. DeMuccio (1945-1997) loved tugboats and wanted to share his interest with other enthusiasts. Since there were no tugboat enthusiast groups at the time, he started this one, calling it the Tugboat Enthusiasts Society of the Americas.


Joe's society soon became commonly known as TES by its members and developed into an association of people who shared an interest in tugboats and work boats. The society is dedicated to the history, technology, and culture of tugboating in the Americas.

The Tugboat Enthusiasts Society of the Americas was incorporated in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in 2001 as a 501 (c) (03) non-profit organization. It took Tugboat Enthusiasts Society, Inc as its corporate name.


Joe passed away in 1997, but the organization he founded carried on his vision. Joe believed the most important part of belonging to TES was getting involved with other enthusiasts. Sharing articles, stories, photos and memories was what the organization was all about.


TES has now closed...........

TES was entirely based upon the generosity of our members and the efforts of volunteers. The 2015 renewals unfortunately did not meet the minimum requirements to continue our newsletter and services, and the organization has closed. This website is now preserved and hosted by the Maine Coastal News.


Tugs on this page from top: Cross Harbor I.; YTB 252; M. I. Dunn; Waukegan; Morania #24


Thanks to the many friends who supported TES!


The tug in the photograph at the top of the page and the tug in the silhouette artwork above are the same vessel, the former New Haven Railroad tugboat Bumblebee. The tug went through a long series of name changes and several owners to end up as the Cross Harbor I., working for New York Cross Harbor Railroad. She was the last railroad-owned tug working carfloats in New York City.

Top photograph taken in Brooklyn, NY in 1984 and artwork, both by Preston Cook, Copyright 2017

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